Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kewl Deal . . .

Well, my arm is its normal size, and I went to work yesterday with no problems. In fact, it hurts a little more today than yesterday! Clearly, the stuff they use now is nothing like the stuff they used to use.

Kinda sore - red - sort of a bump. All normal reactions. I have had a kind of a splitter headache since yesterday afternoon, however, so I've been taking it easy today . . . My Two Hearts is nearly done!

Many thanks for all the kind thoughts about my tetanus shot :-)

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candy t said...

I'm glad the shot went ok for you. I had one back in the 1980's. I had a job cleaning a pediatrician's office. I got stabbed in the leg with a needle when I was taking out the trash. Who in the heck puts sharps in the regular garbage!! When it started to turn red I called the doc and he met me at the office on a weekend to give me a tetanus shot. He said his patients didn't have any bad diseases. I guess not cuz I didn't get sick.