Saturday, February 27, 2010

:::: tap tap tap::::: . . . Is This Thing On?

Wonderful trip to Colorado last weekend, and I'm getting ready to head up to The Fold for the second in a series of natural dye workshops. Wheee!!! Last month was red, today is yellow!

Still cannot find the camera battery charger - so no photos. But there is hope. I'm straightening up the office . . . please cross your fingers. And if I cannot get my camera fixed, I think I've found my next one. A Canon G11. More than I wanted to spend, but it seems to be the right size with all the features I want - the main one being an optical viewfinder, which don't seem to come all that often on lower cost cameras. And since I don't really want a big digital SLR again (I HAVE one of those and it's a big fat pain in the ass), I'm hoping it will be the camera for me. I cannot stand composing photos with just an LCD screen.

Here's a Must Read: Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food. Not as political as I've heard The Omnivore's Dilemma is, and it really held my interest. I'm gratified to find that it's filled with stuff I've been doing (to some extent), instinctively, for years. If you can't bring yourself to actually pick it up (it's a quick read, people!), here's the most important thing: If your Great Grandmother (or, depending on how old you are your Great Great Grandmother) wouldn't recognize it, then it's not food. OK - two important things: avoid high fructose corn syrup at all costs.

I went to the store last weekend - HFCS is in everything. I'm not kidding. And I tossed the All Bran that I used to make bran muffins with because it has HFCS in it. JesusHRooseveltChrist. I certainly eat my share of processed foods (yeah, you think your Great Granny would recognize a Twinky? Think again.). But I don't go to fast food places, and I've made an effort for years to eat lower on the food chain. And to that end . . .

I've decided to bake my own bread. Something I haven't done since I was a kid in Home Ec. Do they even have Home Ec in school anymore?! :-D No machines - lots of trial and error, but lots of learning and fun in the process. This morning it was what I'm calling Brick Banana Bread. Yeah - not so good :-D All part of the process and really quite fun. It was from a recipe from my mom's old cookbook (circa 1953, I'm sure). I've got plenty more recipes to try and to experiment with before tackling yeast breads again (as mentioned, it's been many years . . . ), and my favorite zucchini bread might be making an appearance tomorrow. Yum!

Still a boatload of snow on the ground here in Chicagoland . . . spring, are you almost here?

Time to go!


Tammy said...

I haven an older version of the same camera - a G9 - and love it. Good choice!

yarnorgy(Bethany) said...

Yes, there's sugar in all those processed foods! The food industry is secretly killing us! Being off sugar and all it's high glycemic index relatives is my life now. Sounds like you are on your way.