Saturday, March 26, 2011

85:365 Wandering Jew

I grow other plants besides African violets. This is one of my favorite houseplants - it practically grows itself. I have two, large hanging baskets full of this green and purple beauty.


åsa said...

They are beautiful!

Here in Sweden they are called "vandrande jude"
- Everyone knows what a "vandrande jude" looks like. But I´m not so sure that anyone knows it´s real name. -I dont!
They brobably have some "real" name too....
And Google translator says it´s
"migratory jew" in englilsh.

A :-) said...

Asa - its "official" name is Tradescantia zebrina :-)

candy t said...

I had one years ago. I put the pot on the porch for the summer and forgot about it. Later I noticed it sent runners down into the garden. They took root, and then what was in the pot died. So it literally "wandered" out of the pot!