Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

It's the middle of the night. A mug of some wonderful Swedish tea gave me a serious second wind around 7 p.m., and now it's after midnight. It's officially Thanksgiving Day.

My Iona Sister, Tori, is here for a visit. Yay! She helped me clean out one more kitchen cupboard . . . and we found the oldest thing yet. This expired in 2003 . . . OMG. that means it was my mom's, and she's been gone 7 1/2 years . . . Well, it's all out now - flour, baking soda, baking powder, old spices - all of it out. A quick trip to the store, and I have all new baking stuff :-)

And so, with my caffeine burst, I decided to make the cookie dough for Cherry Icebox Cookies that has to be refrigerated tonight instead of in the early a.m.

It would have been fine, except that I didn't get the butter warm enough to cream easily. Normally my old mixer will power on through . . . but not this time.

I got this as a bridal shower gift the first time I got married, low these many years ago :-D I just looks ancient, doesn't it? It lasted a good long time, but I burned the motor out tonight trying to cream chilly butter. Oh well - this could finally be the excuse I need to get the KitchenAid mixer I've been coveting for decades. We'll see!

I made a great dinner tonight that included roasted Brussels Sprouts, cookie dough is done, kitchen it cleaned up in preparation for the next round of cooking tomorrow. The dishwasher is running, and now - I had best get some sleep!

Happy Thanksgiving :-)

I am so very grateful for all the blessings of my life. I have so much to be thankful for. I hope, on this day of all days, that you will look around you and give thanks.


Auntea said...

My goodness, I hope you are sleeping in today! Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Your old mixer is adorable, but you will love a KitchenAid. My niece decided she wanted a different color and gave me hers, score!! I have really enjoyed it.

Michelle said...

We stayed up past midnight here in Texas, too, playing Mexican train dominoes with my family. I am feeling very blessed to be spending this Thanksgiving with my family, and wish you, my friend, a wonderful celebration as well.