Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photo Catch up :-)

Going with the smaller ones again . . . click to biggify!

316:365 Guess What?

Chicken Butt! Well, no - Chicken Front. My friend, Linda, keeps chickens in the City of Chicago! It's virtually impossible to take any photos of them because they are pretty much constantly in motion.

This one doesn't have a name yet, but I call all of them, "Chicky Lou." :-D

315:365 First Frost

I'm reasonably sure we had a hard frost last night. This is one of the yews outside my front door.

314:365 Holding On . . .

This is the same tree I showed you for November 4th. These are the last of the leaves - such a big change in only six days.

313:365 Seasons Change

Another view of the beginnings of transformation of Daley Plaza. The fountain has been drained, and the wooden stalls are in progress. And the City Sparrows keep watch over it all :-)

312:365 Oh! Tannenbaum!

Another rainy day in Chicagoland :-) This is the City's Christmas tree, and the beginnings of the transformation of the Daley Center into the Annual Christkindle Market - one of, if not the largest one outside of Germany. Having lived in Germany for a number of years, this is a highlight of my holiday season! I can hardly wait for it to open in a few weeks :-)

311:365 Christmas is Coming

See that man? See that ladder? See that truck - the one with a cherry picker on top? See the bundles of Italian lights hanging on that tree? Soon most - if not all - the trees downtown and on North Michigan Avenue will be festooned with Italian lights. One of the first photos I took, on January 3rd, shows how things will be looking very soon :-)

This is how the Holiday season starts here in Chicagoland. What you can't see in this photo is that the City's Christmas tree is up in place at Daley Plaza and the construction of the stalls for the annual Christkindle Market has started. Soon there will be a Nativity scene and a very large Menorah there, too.

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candy said...

The chicken is a nice Buff Orpington. I used to keep them :-)
As always I love love love your photo documentary, especially of Chicago.