Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crap. Crap, Crap, Crappity Crap.

My Foot

See that?  That fashion-forward surgical shoe?  The one on the right?  The one that's on MY right foot?  Yeah, that.  That shoe.

I have a stress fracture.  I have no idea how I did it, other than I was on my feet a lot on hard concrete during the month of June - but there's nothing to pinpoint, and it's not bruised and it's not swollen, so who the hell knows how I did it.


Two weeks in The Shoe.  Rest . . . no walking for cardio.  No elliptical.  No sit/stands, no lunges, no squats, nothing that puts any additional pressure on it.

It's like I'm in a timewarp - an effing nightmare - here we go again . . . but the Dr. assures me that it will not be anything like - nor anywhere near as long a recovery as - plantar fasciitis was.  One can only hope . . .  I mean, it cannot take two years for a stress fracture to heal.  I know it can't.

But really?   REALLY?  WTH?!  I'm on this great roll - down another 2.4 pounds this week, and it's another fricken' injury.  It's not like I was overdoing it - 4 or 5 days week, 45-60 minutes, and I don't even walk fast.  Sonofabitch.

I've spent the afternoon and evening feeling sorry for myself, but the good news is that the doctor said I can wear my Dansko's around the house - as long as they don't hurt - because they don't bend. And at least it's The Shoe and not The Boot. But that's about it for good news.  To walk to and from the train and the office, and at the club working out, I have to wear The Shoe.

The doctor says it was good that I came in early instead of walking on it forever.  Two weeks in The Shoe, ice (which hurts like hell) a couple times a day, the anti-inflammatory that I'm already (still) taking, and then another x-ray.  No lower body work that puts any pressure on it.  Swimming's OK if it doesn't hurt to kick. Recumbent bike is OK (as long as my tailbone cooperates. yeah, right:  Get The Butt Pillow . . .) as long as it doesn't hurt.  If something hurts, I have to stop immediately.

The doc says to consider this two weeks of cross-training.  I'm trying.  I'm really trying . . .

And yes, my orthotic is taped into The Shoe.

And no, I probably won't be spinning anything for Tour de Fleece now.

And geez, it's like a 100 degrees here, it's so frickin' hot.

Man, am I cranky.  :-S


Michelle said...

Time to break out the spindles, girl! (Or the Hansen miniSpinner.... ;-)

I'm sorry; really I am. Would journaling now help?

A :-) said...

I suck with the spindles - but the thought did occur to me :-D

And thanks, Michelle - I'm really glad you mentioned journaling - Since I won't be walking tomorrow morning, I will certainly have time for some Morning Pages. Good plan!

candy said...

Oh crap it's good to vent! You can't hold it in. I hope you foot heals soon. The tailbone....oh...butt pillow...there's my pain but I thought it was my bony ass because I have no padding :(

Kristyn said...

Oh man that stinks. Here's to quick healing.

Debbie said...

Hugs :)