Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Gift and Some Fun

It's been a very busy June here, Chez A :-)    I've been going every weekend with fun stuff - last weekend was the Highland Games, and this weekend, it was the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair.

A Gift

But first,  I want to show you the little box of awesomeness that my friend, Michelle from Boulderneigh sent me a few weeks ago.  I've been remiss in not posting about it sooner.

Box from Michelle

I tossed my name in the hat for a drawing on her blog, and this box of treats arrived in early May!  There is some green tea hard candy, some of Michelle's note cards (she's a fabulous photographer!), two mini raglan sweaters that she knit that are going to look pretty cute on my Christmas tree, a bump of wool fiber for me to spin, and TWO jars of her jam and butter.  I finished the jam (strawberry/rhubarb/pineapple - YUM!!) in pretty short order, and the apple butter will be adorning my toast in the mornings going forward  :-)

Michelle, thank you so much!!!!  :-)

Some Fun

On Friday, I made my way up to the Lake County Fairgrounds for the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair.  I'm very proud to tell you that I was the very first Founding Charter Member of the Fair.  :-)  This year, I finally got to meet fair organizer, Carol Cassidy-Fayer in person!

Linda the Chicken Lady, and my friend M and I met up at the Fair on Friday for a day of shopping and fun.  The Fair seemed smaller to me this year, but no less fabulous.  I love that there are vendors of all kinds there - it's not just yarn and fiber (although I could have done with a little more fiber  :-D), other fiber arts such as weaving and rug hooking are represented, as well as other "work of our hands," which is what the Fair focuses on.

I want you to know that I didn't buy any yarn . . . this is not to say that I didn't come home with yarn, but I didn't buy any  :-D

Midwest 2012

The only things missing from this photo are some blue ceramic buttons I bought.  They are worth knitting a sweater around  :-D

Yes, there's yarn in that photo - I was gifted a hat kit on my way out the door (thank you Carol  :-) ) and I think it's going to make a pretty cute winter hat.  There are four bumps of fiber - two from Kimber at Fiber Optics.  I was very disappointed to only be able to get one in her pencil roving in the 80/20 superwash merino/nylon blend (the yellows).  The red/black is 80/20 merino/silk.  I also picked up  Miram Felton's Twist & Knit from her shop.  Up top, is a sort of a batt from Hands and Notions - my colors but not my usual fiber choices or preferred prep (merino/bamboo/kid mohair/BFL/baby alpaca/soysilk/sparkle.  I'm challenging myself  :-) )  Below that, is a braid of 100% mixed BFL from Tucker Woods Yarns

There is an amazing bar of Lavender Buds soap from Lost City Knits.  OMG it is REALLY fragrant and I can't wait to jump in the shower and try it out  :-D  I don't know that the soap is on their website, but Denise (who I believe is a member of the Year of Stash Socks Group (YOSS) on Ravelry) has some stunning designs and beautiful yarns (Linda got a gorgeous skein of silk lace from her).

The rest is bits of fabric and silk ribbon - you'll remember I learned to do Silk Ribbon Embroidery at Fiber Retreat this year - I've been looking for supplies and although they were a bit spendy, I loved the colors I could get; and, since it's been hard to find, I decided I was "in for a penny, in for a pound."

I did come home with other yarn, though.  Linda brought me a shopping bag full of cotton for weaving.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with it - do I keep it and weave with it?  Do I donate it?  Whatever I decide, it all has to be accounted for and go into my stash, because this month is an accounting month for the Slash & Smash Your Stash Challenge in the YOSS group.  Poor me - my totals are going to go WAY up . . .

Friday I spent the night at M's and had a fab Greek dinner and got to watch one of my favorite Bollywood films, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, on her big movie screen in the basement!  What fun!!

Then, Saturday, I headed back to the Fair for a class in Beaded Embroidery - taught by Marianne Biagi.  If you have any interest in this art, look for any class that Marianne teaches.  She is amazing and I learned SO much.  I have done some bead embroidery in the past, but nothing like this - and it's been something I really wanted to take up again.  Here's my messy space :-D

Beading Class_2012

There were four students (I love a small class like that!)  And it's so amazing to see how each of us interpreted Marianne's instructions:

Beading Class_2012_03

Here is a close up of my day's work:

Beading Class_2012_02

Obviously not done yet - but I like how it's progressing so far.  I love doing this work - it's certainly time-consuming, but the results are really expressive.  I see a LOT more of this in my future.

And now, today - I'm looking at the mess of my bags exploding all over my kitchen . . . and thinking I had better get cracking here  :-)  There is laundry to do, and a variety of things to accomplish to get ready for the week to come.

p.s.   I lost 5.0 pounds this past week.  Yay Me!  I know it's unrealistic to think that I could do that every week, but I shoot for the stars and take what I can get  :-)  Things are going well this week, too, so - barring any unforeseen weirdness - I hope to show another good loss on the scale on Thursday.


Michelle said...

You're welcome! :-)

I had fun at Black Sheep Gathering on Friday; guess it was the weekend for fiber fun and friends.

candy said...

I love the bead work combined with the ribbon. Something I could do someday when I have more time. I am still in my "clearing out clutter and fixing up" mode.