Monday, August 20, 2012

Fall is in the Air

It was a tough week last week in many ways.  I did, however have a pretty awesome weekend.

My Saturday was a powerhouse of accomplishment  :-)  Yay Me!!!  I got my house put back together and I vacuumed (including the cobwebs :-) ) and took a couple of tubs of prepared fleece downstairs and out of the way.  My cousin ME and her husband R came over on Saturday morning and R helped me with a few things in the house (well, R actually did all the work  :-D).  I needed to hang both the really large fabric pieces I had framed.  This is the quilt that my great grandmother made.  It's small for a quilt, but really large for a piece of art  :-)  It definitely took two people to get it up on the wall.

Quilt Hung

And this is the applique piece I bought in Luxor when I was in Egypt last year.  It looks a little cock-eyed, but it's not - it's the angle of the camera.  My walls are not this yellow, BTW, they are a warm gold (and there is nothing that odd bluish/green color in my kitchen (through that doorway on the left), it's just the light somehow.

Luxor Piece

I'm really glad to have both of these things done!  Then, R also brought over the big ladder and I cleaned the blades on the ceiling fan in the sunroom and also hung a new pair of Glansa lights from IKEA - sure wish they still carried them!  Then, we pulled up the rug in the guest room and took it downstairs.  And during all that, the appraiser came to appraise my house so I can refinance.

Then, we went out for burgers to a local joint, and I headed to the hardware store to buy light bulbs and some things for my podcast.  I ran home and unloaded the car and grabbed two things to return to Walgreens, and then went over to the big box store to get more light bulbs and more stuff I needed for this week's podcast.  And while I was there, I got this!


Isn't it beautiful?  The red mum on the ground was a gift from ME and R earlier in the week to cheer me up, but I got the stand and the three hanging mums on Saturday.  I LOVE this!!!  Mums always make me think that fall is on its way. 

Then I drove over to the vet to pick up some dog food that I agreed to pay for, and then ran home to unload the car again, and then drove a few towns over to drop off/donate the dog food.  I headed back home and made a stop at Tuesday Morning (love that place!) in case they might have had any rugs I could use for the guest room (they didn't this time), and then went grocery shopping.

What a day!!!

Sunday was truly a day of rest in many respects.  I did film my podcast and got that accomplished, and potted up some spider plants, and then I watched a couple of Netflix and worked on some knitting.  It was a good day  :-)

There hasn't been much knitting going on lately - I have been working (off and on) on my St. Brigid sweater, and am into the sixth pattern repeat on the back.  It will take time, but things are moving forward  :-)

Fall is my favorite time of year.  I know it's not October yet, but this is one of my favorite songs at this time of year . . .  I mean, who doesn't love a good love song?  Ignore the 80s fashion and just get lost in the music . . .


Darth Knitter said...

I love Barry! One of my favorite songs, too. :-)

I've found some awesome rugs at IKEA and we'll be getting another one when we're there in a couple of weeks; maybe you can find one as well.

I'm glad my room is ready for me!

A :-) said...

Me, too! I've always liked Barry.

Good idea to check IKEA for a possible new rug for the guest room!!

Auntea said...

The quilt on the wall is phenomenal!! I absolutely love it. Love the beautiful flower arrangement on the porch too.

candy said...

I love what you did it looks great!