Saturday, September 8, 2012


It is a gorgeous day here in Chicagoland, and I am about to head out to my hammock to enjoy one of the last days of summer.

I'm working on Debbie Ford's 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse.  It's serious personal work.

Errands are done.

Lasagna is planned for dinner.

Some knitting was accomplished.

I'm thinking about what to cover on the next episode of my podcast, All About African Violets.

I'm reading my friend, Kemberlee Shortland's novel, Rhythm of My Heart.  It's good.  :-)

I'm headed out to the hammock, book in tow, and if I should happen to fall asleep for a bit, wouldn't that be lovely?  :-) 


Auntea said...

Dear Hubby fell asleep on my girlfriends back porch yesterday while I knit & drank tea, she looked through quilting books and drank tea, and her husband and kids tossed around a football before the game. These are the kind of afternoons we all live for I think. Hope you did get a good nap.

A :-) said...

Sounds like a wonderful day and yes, I did fall asleep, but not in the hammock. I got some hammock time in, but it was a little cool, so I headed back in to the sunroom - and fell asleep in the chair :-D