Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Unexpected Kindness

I have undone all the good I had done weightwise.  Even though I know that this is how my body operates - large jumps up and down - it's still disturbing.  I'm 241.4 this morning (that's with the extra 2 pounds added on for what it would be with clothes on the WW scale.  Clearly I'm not going to make my October goal.  I will be happy just to get back to where I was by the end of the calendar year.

And I specify calendar year because this always seems to be the new year for me - I always feel like the day after Labor Day is New Year's Day somehow - never got out of that old school year calendar I guess.

I am disheartened, and irritated with myself, but there is no blame to be laid.  I make the choice of what goes in to my mouth.  Only me.  I also make the choices about how much exercise I get, and my time and how I spend it.

And so, at the risk of sounding ridiculous, here we go - again.  I suppose that the trick to succeeding is to keep moving forward.  And so, even though I hit a mud slick and slid backwards down the hill rather quickly, what is there for it except to wipe the mud off, change my shoes, and start back up the hill?


For those of you in Chicagoland - I found a Mac Kelly's!!!!  For those of you not, Mac Kelly's is place with "greens and things."  They used to be in a variety of locations throughout the Loop, but I think they are now down to just one store.  They have a salad bar, and hot steam trays, as well as a sandwich bar and various packaged lunch foods.  There used to be one a half a block away from my office, but it closed back in March.  But there is at least one left, at 123 W. Madison.  On the days I need a salad I can build myself, I'll be able to get a few extra steps in my days  :-)

Yesterday, two different people did me unexpected kindnesses, both related to the knitting world.  There was a pattern that I wanted to make, called the Autumnal Neck Cozy, but it was part of a sock club and so wasn't available yet.  I posted in the group that is part of the club and asked if anyone who had the pattern wanted to destash it.  I received a message on Ravelry from someone saying that the pattern wasn't one she wanted to knit and I could have it!  I messaged back and thanked her, gave her my snail mail address and asked her how much she wanted for it - and she said, "nothing, just pay it forward at some point."   :-)

And then, I won a prize on the Fish Knits group on Ravelry (and if you haven't tried Jo Dee's Fish Knits yarn yet, what are you waiting for?!  I'm partial to her Strong Heart base  :-)).  It was a bag up to $20 from Absolute Wonder.  I was so excited!!!  I received a message from the shop owner telling me that if I saw something that cost more than the $20 I won, that I could get it and she would only bill the person who donated the prize the $20 and I could pay the rest!  So, I found a really lovely bag, and it was a few dollars more, so I ordered it and let her know that I would pay the difference, and also wanted to be sure that the shipping was not more than a smaller bag would have been.   I got a message back saying "you don't owe me a penny - consider it my contribution to the KAL."    :-)

I'll be paying these kindnesses forward - not sure how yet, but I will  :-)

It's raining again  :-)   Apparently it rained hard last night, too.  I slept right through it.



Michelle said...

I like the saying, "It's not about whether you stumble and fall, it's about what direction you're pointing when you DO fall." You're pointing the right direction, friend; just get up and keep going. And rooty-toot-toot on the gifts! You pay it forward plenty; you deserved those!

Auntea said...

Oh A, I am so happy for you to have had such lovely, kind things done for you. You needed that!
As for weighty disappointments, I can sympathize with that. I have not been faithful with my walking the last few months, and the fit of my clothes are telling the tell on me. I haven't braved a scale. Then my daughter's wedding pictures came back and that was a smack of reality. I'm thinking a cap sleeve dress might not have been such a bright idea. Oh well, hopefully my big smile will cover for the big arms and...well, you know.
Back to making one good choice at a time and concentrating on being healthy for both of us.