Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wow . . .

I always seem to miss the November challenge where you blog every day for the entire month.  Maybe next year - or maybe February, when it's often dreary and we all need a pick-me-up.

I updated my Stats page today.  It's crappy.  But there it is - the clear evidence of my losing (or should I say gaining) struggle all summer and fall long.  But you know what?  That's in the past.  I'm here, now.  And I know more about what's going on in my body now.  And I have hope and know that I can take  - let me relanguage that - am taking the steps I believe to be necessary to move forward.  So, I decided I had better update that page  :-)

Yesterday, as witnessed by my last post, I went through all the cupboards looking for things with sugar in them.  Holy Christ.  It's EVERYWHERE.  Who puts sugar AND HFC in garlic and herb breadcrumbs?!  Progresso does (and that makes me really sad because they don't do that with their soups so much).

Three full bags out to the trash and a fourth started of items full of sugar and/or opened and/or expired.  And three full bags of items not opened and not expired that can go to a local food pantry.


And I'm learning and moving forward.  First changes are removing sugar and breads/highly processed foods, and cutting back as I am able on dairy and red meat.  I'll do the best I can, taking things one day at a time.

I read the runes for myself yesterday and it was such an awesome and positive reading.  For those of you who don't know, the Runes are an ancient oracle of the self.  They are not a fortune-telling device, rather a way to look within - and it's been my experience that "the stones always know" whatever it is that I need to be looking at and working with on any particular issue. 

The Situation as it Is was Kano, the rune of Opening, Fire, a Torch - which puts me at the beginning - opening - bringing the light into an area that once was dark. 


The Challenge to be Worked Through was Raido the rune of a Journey, Communication and Union and Reunion (Reversed) - which urges me to look at my relationship to myself - the challenges of keeping good humor (and I'm not talking about ice cream ;-D), disruptions, obstacles, and the like - with union and reunion at the core and coming out the other side.


The Situation as it can Evolve was Fehu, the rune of Possessions, Nourishment and Cattle.  Fehu is about fulfillment, ambitions satisfied, love fulfilled and rewards received - and a reminder to be mindful, especially in times of good fortune and success.


As I look within, I see the path to myself - it's there - never wavering - just waiting for me to pick myself up, and take the first steps toward my future.  I see my spirit, glimmering in the dust, waiting for me to pick it back up, dust it gently off and place it back on my shoulder.  We never fall all the way away - the pieces are always there to be picked up and reassembled.  Sometimes as they were before, and sometimes in an entirely new configuration.

Kuan Yin - the Eastern Goddess of Compassion - watches over me on this journey, reminding me to be gentle with myself as I move back onto the path.  And to be gentle with my spirit as I seek to cleanse my body of that which hurts it.

And the Celtic Cat - the animal of Guardianship, Detachment and Sensuality is there, reminding me that I have the right to know and judge important issues for myself in my own time.  Clearly that time is now.

And could I travel without an angel or two as a companions?  No, I think not.  The Archangel Micheal comes along with me, surrounding me with Eternal Love.  And my daily companion on the journey is the Angel of Inspiration.  How fitting is that?

Wow . . .

Here I go  - breakfast was some Swiss Chard sauted in a small amount of garlic-infused olive oil, in a flat omelette with some feta cheese.  I'm going to stink, but I got greens and protein in, and there was no sugar and the only processed thing was the cheese (and I'll be looking for a different brand next time  :-) ).


Linda said...

Mmmmm! Breakfast sounds delicious! Great start today! :-)

A :-) said...

It was! I might have it again today because I still need to go to the store :-D