Thursday, June 27, 2013

167:365 Decisions!


Tour de Fleece is coming up. That's where we spin during the Tour de France :-D I'm captaining a team and I'm trying to decide which fibers I will use for two challenges.

All of these bumps of fiber are calling to me - but if I want to participate in some of the challenges of my team, I need to pick something that I can spin for socks - and that's looking to be the red/black. It's Merino/Silk - should be very fun to spin. The other challenge is to spin something very different - and that's looking like it will be the one in the middle on the left. I never spin "art yarn," and that's what that bump is all about :-D

Still - that fiber up on the top has been calling to me since I got it in May . . . guess we'll see in another week or so :-D

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