Monday, June 17, 2013

Some Results . . .

Last week was Week 12 of The Strict Program for Three Months.  I went to the doctor on Friday for more tests to see how it went.

Well, I already know that my ass is smaller, which is a good thing.  I am back down to where I was on the road before I got plantar fasciitis, and in fact, as of Friday had surpassed that number by a bit.  I lost 32.4 pounds in 12 weeks.  That makes me pretty happy  :-)

I got my test results this morning, and although they are encouraging and my doctor seems pleased, it seems to me that I have more work to do.  I'm going to talk them over with a nurse today as I don't always understand the ins and outs of these tests and ratios, etc.

My total cholesterol went from 234 to 210
     (still above the reference range of 100 - 199)
Triglycerides went from 168 to 102
     (well within the reference range of 0 - 149)
HDL (the good stuff) went from 44 to 46
     (well within the reference range of >39)
LDL (the bad stuff) went from 156 to 144
     (still above the reference range of 0 - 99)
The Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio went from 5.3 to 4.6
     (still above the reference range of 0 - 4.4)

One other test that I was interested in was my glucose level.  That went from to 84 to 76.  the reference range on that is 65 - 99.  So, it was OK before, but it's better now. 

So - even though a couple of things are still above the reference range, the doctor says this is great.  I, on the other hand, ever the competitor, would like to see everything within the reference range and my total cholesterol below 200.  So, I think I still have more work to do . . .

I got the go-ahead to be able to have steak and/or pork once or twice a month.  I'm sure I will try it at some point - not sure when, but just knowing that I could have it if necessary makes everything a lot easier for me somehow.  Still, I'm not really changing from being an ovo-pescetarian - at least not right away.  I'd like to keep going and see if by next February when I have my annual physical, if I can get these numbers in what I perceive to be a better place.

I'll let you know how it goes  :-)


Michelle said...

Your numbers have improved a LOT, and I think you are going GREAT. Total cholesterol below 200 isn't the 'gold standard;' statin drugs will drop that number well below 200 but research has shown that the lower number doesn't correlate closely with reduced heart disease. More important are your triglycerides (100 or lower) and that ratio number. My cholesterol is higher than yours, but my ratio is lower.

Since red meat is loaded with LDL cholesterol, I would stay away from it completely. Trust me; after long enough away, it doesn't taste as good as you remember when you have some again!

Linda said...

It's great to get positive feedback like that! Seems like you're going in the right direction, so keep doing it!

A :-) said...

Michelle - my main concern is getting enough protein. The doc and I discussed this, and my old sources of quick protein were not allowed on the Strict Program for Three Months. It's my plan to stick with being an ovo-pescetarian, but I do plan to try eating some meat again (at home) to see how I feel with it, and how my body is with it.

A :-) said...

And yes, I am going in the right direction, and doing it without meds, so I think that takes longer. The doc is very pleased - I'm the one who thinks I should have done better ;-D

candy said...

Better without the meds! I simply can't take any of the cholesterol meds without ending up in so much pain I can't function. I mean, if I can't walk from one end of the house to the other and my muscles feel like sand, what's the point?