Monday, July 1, 2013

180:365 Um . . . ick


I don't normally spin "art yarn." I challenged myself to try something new. It was horrid to spin, with a ton of VM (vegetable matter) in it, and some of the locks were raw and the lanolin was hardened - like spinning wax . . . :-S

I wanted at least 100 yards of this for a Tour de Fleece challenge - it was a 3.6 oz batt of fiber. I got less than 55 yards. Live and learn :-D


Auntea said...

I shouldn't laugh, but I spun my own "ick" yarn last week. It is Cheviot, which I don't like and is so ugly it is currently hidden in the bottom of my spinning bag.

A :-) said...

Well, it's spun pretty well, it's just butt ugly :-D