Monday, October 28, 2013

A Moment of Silence . . .

I'm falling right back into the groove of my regular life after my extended vacation. 

I still have an interesting voice from the cold I've had, but all the laundry got done and I'm back on my regular track of tracking my food on FitBit and logging my steps. 

Woke up a little early, but got up and got dressed and headed down to the basement to hit the treadmill to start my walking program up again.  So, I'm down there, catching up on the Proverbial Knitter podcasts that I missed while I was away.  I'm walking - not very fast - probably about 2.8 mph just to ease back into the groove.  About 20 minutes in to my 30 minutes, the incline indicator started blinking the number 47.  Weird, but I put the iPad over it so it didn't distract me.  And I'm walking . . .

And then I'm not walking. 


I got off the treadmill and turned it off and turned it back on (a pretty good remedy for pretty much anything electronic  ;-D), and got back on.  For another seven minutes. And it quit again.

So, after tens of thousands of miles, it's pretty clear that the treadmill is finally going to need to be replaced.  It is about 12 or 13 years old, so I would say that I certainly got my money's worth.  I'm going to make a call to see if it's worth trying to fix it, but I'm thinking that it's time for a new treadmill.  Highly likely that that will be my Christmas present to myself.

And speaking of Christmas.  I'll be listening to Christmas music starting today  :-)   I love it!!!  And just in case you didn't know, there are only eight Saturdays left before Christmas.  So it's probably time to get cracking on shopping, particularly if things have to get mailed. 

This is a crazy video with all the animals and such, but I love Ceelo - and this is the perfect song to start thinking about Christmastime  :-)


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