Saturday, October 26, 2013

Home Again, Home Again . . .

Jiggedy Jig  :-)

I know it's been a long time between posts, but I've been out of the country for most of the month of October.  It's cold here now - it wasn't when I left  :-D

It was a pretty great trip, but I came home with a nasty cold - and upper respiratory things are always worse when you have asthma.  But, there was an antibiotic waiting for me here when I got home on Thursday to nip the lung infection pretty quickly, and I'm coughing the gunk up out of my lungs now  (Eeuuwwww - I know - TMI).

I'm feeling quite human today, and I have my jet lag on the run!

Here I am outside of Culloden House.  I think this was my favorite place - I felt like I was in Downtown Abbey - and I bought this great hat which is very 1910's in style, I think.  Plus it fit my big melon head, so of course, I had to get it :-D  I look a little lumpy because I had a bunch of layers of clothing on  :-D
Me in Scotland

Here are the socks I finished on the trip - photo'd in the drawing room at Culloden House.


Here I am clay pigeon shooting - truthfully, I was posing  :-D  I did try it, and managed to get off four shots before my shoulder was so painful that I had to stop  :-D  You can tell that I'm posing because my finger is not on the trigger.

Clay Pigeon

This photo was taken as we got on to the Isle of Skye.


And I tried to recreate it in one of the tapestries that I wove.  Here they both are - the first, smaller one (blue and green) is a sampler - learned with Louise Martin, one of the weavers who worked for a decade on the Stirling Castle tapestries.  The second (landscape) is the one I did with Louise Oppenheimer.  Both Louises were awesome and wonderful teachers.


This is one of the better photos I took the entire trip - I was shooting on my iTouch as the flaw in my regular camera lens was far too noticeable to use it.  That meant that I experienced this trip very differently, because for once I was actually LOOKING at what I was seeing, rather than looking at it through a camera lens.  I kinda liked it :-)

So, now I'm recovering and very glad that I built in an actual recovery day into the trip.  I feel like I'm coughing up a lung, but I'm much better than I was yesterday, and I'm already falling back into my weekend routine.  The suitcase has been exploded and nearly everything accounted for either put away or washed, and Monday I will be back to work with October nearly gone and November waiting in the wings.


candy said...

Awesome photos! Love the hat on you :)

Michelle said...

Oh, lovely! So, jealous!

A :-) said...

Thanks you guys! It was a wonderful trip :-)

Kristyn McCain said...

I love the hat and you look adorable in it.

A :-) said...

Kristyn, thank you :-)