Saturday, November 8, 2014

WW Week 1

It's been an interesting week.

One of my best friends told me that I seemed much happier almost immediately this week.  I guess I really do need structure to feel safe.  I know what I'm doing -  I can count the points.  Tracking has always been something that makes me feel safe somehow - like I'm following the rules, I guess  :-)  I do know that everything seems much easier somehow, and the fact that I'm not eating added sugar again for the most part means that almost nothing is hurting.  That's a great relief.

I did not do Simple Start, which is the new name for what was, essentially, what us old-timers called CORE.  WW is still stuck in the low-fat/non-fat dairy rut, and other than skim milk (which I might consider getting again because they don't count almond milk as a dairy), I'm not willing to eat such heavily processed stuff.  Also - many of the meals were poultry-based, which is a no-go for me at this time.  So, I dropped right back in to counting points, which gave me a framework.   It really made everything much easier.

I definitely upped my steps this week.  I've always striven for 10,000/day for at least five of the seven days, and I've logged more than 62,000 this week (I had one really high day of more than 15,000).

Oh, and I FINALLY did yoga last Sunday.  Probably not the kind of yoga you might do - it's a really great DVD from a woman named Peggy Cappy.  It's called Yoga for the Rest of Us.  I can actually do it (except for the major spine twists), and I like it a lot.  It's only a 1 Activity Point workout, and I actually feel like that's a little high because I'm not sweating at all, but it's still a little challenging for me. 

I'm entering my exercise manually into eTools.  I entered my two trainer workouts - I went low on the number of minutes and I always choose the "low" activity level.  I earned 2 activity points for each of them.  My old pedometer used to count total steps and active steps, and that's how I used to track for activity points - by active steps.  The Fitbit doesn't do that, though, so although I could link my Fitbit with the eTools tracker, I'm choosing not to. I'm using anything OVER 10,000 steps and counting only those over steps as active steps.  On the days I've gone over, it's been about 2,000 steps and I've never gotten more than 1 activity point (except for one day when it was 5,000 and I got 3 APs, but that's an anamoly :-) ), so that seems like a pretty safe bet.  Apparently most people tend to over-estimate their exercise.  I don't, so I don't think there is much chance of my earning too many APs. 

I experimented with some different foods this week - and can I just tell you that Campbell's hearty beef noodle soup is disgusting.  OMG.  Blech!  Ptui!  Really glad I bought only one can of it.  That was an eye opener for sure.  But, it's heavily processed, so I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised.  On the positive side, I'm enjoying English muffins with a little bit of butter, and a little more cheese each day than before.

I didn't have a lot of time to cook this week, and now the month of November is a bit wild, with assorted house guests all month long.  Still, I'm moving forward and looking at recipes and seeing what I think is possible for me to make.  As mentioned, I'm eating some things I wasn't allowed on The Strict Program for Three Months, and this, too, is making my life a LOT easier.

Happened to visit my asthma doc this week and my BP was 120/70, which although a little elevated (for me) on the top, is still pretty darn good.

I ate all my daily points and all my weekly points - I didn't think I would, but I did eat some snack type foods this week, so I will be more mindful of that in the coming weeks  :-)  I need to eat more fruit and vegetables.  This has always been a challenge for me.  I certainly ate more this week than at any time in the recent past, but I know I will do better if I can eat more of them on a daily basis.

Here's the check-in:

Weight:  -3
Daily Points:  34
Weekly Points:  49 (ate all)
Activity Points:  Earned 11 (ate 1)


Ely said...

Is there any reason in particular that you're not getting enough veggies in? I only ask because I have a suggestion that I have implemented myself: it's not sexy, but buy the disposable aluminum half hotel pans and load it up with a mixture of veggies that will cook around the same time, and roast! Then you have vegetables that you can just grab that are already prepared. Sometimes I will throw in some fresh herbs, lemon zest, nutmeg, bacon, etc but really the key here is buying a mixture of precut fussy veg (like string beans and butternut squash) and the stuff that's easily chopped.

If you do two pans worth, you can successfully alternate for however long it takes you to eat through the pan, and that's one less thing to think about. I applaud the people who make something different every night, but I am not particular that way as long as the food is good! In a week, there are four meals that get used for lunch and dinner and this allows time for other things. Plus we may may eat a meal or two out so it's not like we're depriving ourselves.

Just something to think about!

A :-) said...

Ely - the sordid truth is that I just don't really like vegetables :-D I can go for days and not eat any unless I pay good attention and make conscious choices to include both fruit and veg in my day. I do love roasted vegetables so appreciate your tip!! I roasted butternut squash and onions yesterday with some Moroccan spice. Today will be potatoes, brussels sprouts, onions and whatever else is lying around :-)

Linda said...

That roasted veggie tip does sound good! Hey, I can do lots of cooking while I'm staying with you, so we'll have to meal plan together. That should make things a bit easier! :-) Although, I LOVE veggies, so we may have a mismatch there since I want to/need to eat some at every meal.

A :-) said...

Linda - they are good. I roasted a bunch over the weekend :-) I'm sure we'll be fine while you're here!