Saturday, July 25, 2015

Explain This . . .

How is it possible that your hair looks one color in the salon and you love it, and then you get home and it's a totally other color?????  WTH?!  What kinda lights do they have there?!  :-D  It's not completely awful and it will fade.  And I'm going to do it myself going forward, and save the $50 bucks a pop that it costs to have it colored at the salon.  That will definitely help the bottom budget line  :-)

I thought long and hard about embracing the grey - but, I'm just not ready.  If you're familiar with the Divine Feminine/the Triple Goddess/the three phases of a woman's life - the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone - I'm a crone.  But for all the supposed wisdom being a crone imparts, I'm just not there yet emotionally. There is a part of me that just flat out refuses.

I think a big piece of this is that I work in the business world and I have to compete with people decades younger than I am on a daily basis - and when I say compete, I mean that I have to be right in there in the mix.  I don't have a good feeling about being  perceived as "old" and what that would mean for me in the long run, doing what I do.  And so, I'm just not ready to embrace the grey.

And, truth be told I don't really have that much grey and what I have is patchy.  I don't have that wonderful salt and pepper that so many women get - or that silvery grey that sparkles - or that bright white all over that at least one of my friends has - or even that cool white Cruella  DeVille streak that another friend has.  No.  My original color is not what it once was, which is the darkest brown, nearly black, with red highlights of its own.  My stylist says that now it's "ashy."  What that translates to is that my own color has faded to pretty much gunmetal grey all over with blobs of actual grey in various and assorted spots on my head.  It's just not a great look, and my stylist doesn't think it's going to go really all over grey for a very long time. 

So . . .  Lady Clairol, here I come.  I guess . . . but you know, gunmetal has a cast of blue to it . . . that could be interesting  ;-)


Michelle said...

My mom went blonde when she turned gray, which is easier to maintain because the true color and dyed colors are very close in value. Perhaps easing your color towards a light brown would help?

A :-) said...

Possibly - blond is never good with my skin tone, so I'm probably going to go toward a darker/medium auburn and hope that does the trick.

Michelle said...

Dyed darker always seems so harsh and unnatural against aging skin, though. (Tell that to my hair, which has gotten darker in the last 10-15 years! I'm actually looking forward to a little natural gray "highlighting"!)