Sunday, July 26, 2015

In the Kitchen . . .

I am finding myself attempting to stock up on things before August 1st.  Stuff I know I'm going to need but there's no line item in the budget for.  They are not regular occurrance items.  Things like night cream.  And eye shadow.  And new running shoes (that I walk in).

I also went grocery shopping on Friday night - if you get the 4 pound size of ground round, you get the sale price.  So, I made a lasagna tonight, and I froze the rest of the ground round in 1-pound increments.  I got some individually frozen chicken breasts, which are ideal for a single person, and they are not the massive size that seems to be the only size available fresh anymore.

Tomorrow night I'm making two batches of Spinach Burritos.  Those will also freeze very well.  I feel like I've got August pretty much figured out in terms of enough to eat, and planning ahead a little feels like it's going to give me a leg up with the grocery budget.  I'd still like to make some Salmon Cakes and freeze them, too.

The biggest eye opener was that I realized that I have no real idea about what things should cost.  I chose things that were on sale, but I'm going to have to keep track of what I paid for stuff so I'll know when it's a good sale, or when it's over-priced.  It's kind of embarrassing to admit, but before when I grocery shopped, I just got whatever I wanted. 

Oh, and O.M.G.  A bag of frozen shrimp is a REALLY lot of money. 



Ely said...

Shrimp is a real luxury these days! Sometimes I am able to buy it fresh for cheaper than frozen, but most of the time I just ignore buying it at all. The issue with store pricing is that it's never the same across the board- there could be one price for salad in your neighborhood and another price in the next town over. All of which is to say, your food budget has to reflect "your conditions" (😋) so there's not always going to be an obvious "should" but what you're "willing" to pay. If something rings up too expensive when the price wasn't clear, you betcha I have the cashier take it away, and you'll develop that sense soon enough as well.

A :-) said...

I just found it for $5.99/pound in one of the grocery ads! I'm going to be reading them religiously.

A :-) said...
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