Saturday, August 15, 2015

4 o'clock

Let's see . . .

I went to CVS to use the cash station aka the ATM.

I went to the lamp store to drop off the broken lamp for repair.

I went to the Second Chance Shop and dropped off one bag of stuff

I went to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and dropped off the wet bar sink and fixtures, and the shower head that didn't work in my shower.

Then I went to Culvers and spent some of my grocery money on lunch and a carmel cashew sundae.  Yum!

I came home and watched the winners being announced at the Worlds.

I drove over to my cousin's and dropped off the old telly and crappy house phones, and on the way back, I stopped at Walgreens and bought TP because it was on sale there for less than at the Jewel - yes, I read the ads this week.  :-)

The stole, #2; and the cowl, #4, are blocking on the guestroom floor.

I had to brighten that up quite a bit and it still came out kinda dark.  Sorry.

Here are some close ups so you can see the yarns  The cowl is the Upstairs Downstairs Cowl - the shortest one, in Madtosh sportweight in the Lichen colorway, and the stole is HPKY - it's an amalgam of about three or four yarns together.  It's more turquoise than it shows in the photo, but it's wet at the moment and I think that makes it look darker and more brown than it is..

The sock, #7, went to its great reward the the left over yarn is in the leftover bin.

The sunroom is almost done and I can see bits and pieces of the kitchen counter.

Oh - and I glued the foot back on one of my largest baskets, and I hung up this way cool picture collage that my mother put together years ago.  It looks funny in this photo - but it looks great on the wall.  I found this in the in basement in January during the great construction cleanup  :-)

Here is a closer look.  Top, L-R, my grandmother when she was a girl.  My grandparents, my grandparents again -  I think this was their wedding photo.  Bottom, L-R, I believe this is my grent grandfather (my grandmother's father), next is my uncle when he was little - I'm guessing he was about two here, so this was most likely taken in Belfast (these were all taken in Belfast), the last one is my grandmother again.  I'm really happy to have this on the wall where I will see it every day when I come home.

Whew!  Time for some water and a break!  It's about to storm -the lightning just started, and here comes the thunder. 

Not sure I'll check in again tonight - I'll see how it goes.  I'm thinking a movie and some popcorn sound really, really good  :-D

It's been a productive day - probably the most productive day I have had in months.  Feels really, really good  :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a day you have had! Congrats on what you accomplished. Tomorrow you're going to take it easy and rest, right?? Amazing how much we can get done when we put our minds to it. Glad that you were able to treat yourself to Culver's. That had to be the best part of the day, or at least it would be for me. Culver's is my favorite place to eat.

Good going and hope you have more days where you get to put some things behind you. And can you tell us where you got all the energy? I've been looking for some!

A :-) said...

I'm about to do a last post of the day - and then I'm working on my podcast and then that's it. I'll think about the kitchen tomorrow :-D

And yes, Culver's was good. Not a healthy nor inexpensive choice, but good!

I think realizing how I was feeling and letting myself feel it went a very long way toward today's energy.