Monday, October 19, 2015


Another WIP finished!!  These are the Elementary Watson socks.  For those of you keep score at home, these were #15 on the WIP List  :-)  They are much more green than this photo would lead you to believe.  If I made them again, I would use a yarn with a MUCH tighter twist, and probably one that was light colored.  Here's the close up.

And here they are completely:

These were an October 2014 YOSS pattern - so it only took me a year . . .  :-D

This means that I'm back in single digits for WIPs (I now have only 9  :-)  )


Michelle said...

Woot! (I cast on Dicey's sweater today.)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing another project! Obviously you don't have second sock syndrome. I have second mitten syndrome. I started a pair of mittens a couple of years ago and one mitten is done. What's so hard about knitting mittens?! :o))

Janice H.

A :-) said...

Janice - I generally don't have SSS, but I have for the past year and half or so - that's why there are still so many WIPs lying around the house. I'm bound and determined to get this stuff DONE!

Michelle - well done!