Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Shrove Tuesday . . .

And a few days ago, a friend, Stories from the Mist, shared this on Facebook:

Powerful statement, that. 

It really made me think - about my life and how I am choosing to "spend" it.  Pun intended. 
Today is Shrove Tuesday, a/k/a Pancake Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, and Mardi Gras (which is French, for Fat Tuesday).  In my family, which was from Northern Ireland, Shrove Tuesday meant pancakes for dinner  :-)  I am a first generation American.  Although she grew up here, my mom was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. And even though I won't be doing the traditional using up of butter, eggs, and milk in my own kitchen, I will be going to the IHop tonight when I get home from work. And I will be remembering my mom and grandmother, pondering how I'm spending my life, and thinking about tomorrow, because tomorrow is Ash Wednesday - the beginning of the Lenten season which will last until Easter Sunday, March 27th.  Easter is early this year  :-)

Presbyterians observe the season of Lent - I've always given something up (which my Catholic friends find hilarious for some reason).  Usually I try for two things - I feel like it give me a better chance of success.  Stacking the deck, so to speak  ;-)  I'm still making decisions on what those two things will be.  One of them will be food-related - that's pretty much a given.  The other . . . well, one year I gave up Facebook for Lent.  You cannot imagine how much time I had back in my days.  It's high on the list for my second option.

Even though we are out of Samhain and into Imbolc, it's not spring in Chicagoland.  We have a light dusting of snow on the ground again, and today will be bitterly cold.  I plan to spend the Lenten season really examining my life.  I may try working through the late Debbie Ford's book, The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse.  Again.  :-)  I got started with it once and, as is unfortunately all too common for me, I got sidetracked.  It's here on my desk, though, instead of the shelf, so that bodes well for success in actually picking it up.  Getting through the entire thing is another story  ;-)



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