Friday, October 7, 2016

Another One Done . . .

Another book comes off The Unfinished Book List (UBL)!  Yay Me!!

I purchased Already Home after hearing Aruni speak when I was at Kripalu in May 2016.  She's led a pretty amazing life and I've found her words and stories to be very powerful and universal.  In addition, I am always interested in a good story - and hers is extraordinary.  I picked this one back up on September 22, 2016 and finished it today.

Here is what Amazon has to say about it:
"Part memoir, part spiritual guide, "Already Home" not only tells the story of a compelling life - it compels us to create a beautiful life of our own. Continuing the story she began in her bestselling first memoir, "Recovering My Voice", Futuronsky's second book takes us deeper into her history, a past checkered with difficult relationships and the pain of addiction. From Scranton to the Philippines, from her first taste of Manischewitz to her outrageous years as a radical lesbian feminist in New York City, Aruni weaves a rich and honest tale of her extraordinary life. On the road to recovery, Futuronsky finds a spiritual community, a job, a life partner and-most importantly-her calling. Drawing on more than twenty years of teaching and mindfulness coaching at the Kripalu Center of Yoga and Health, Futuronsky shifts seamlessly into her role as teacher. In chapters glowing with both humor and vulnerability, Aruni tackles subjects like training our roving minds, relaxing into our changing relationships to our bodies, and creating our own Articles of Faith. In telling her personal story, Futuronsky tells everyone's story, shedding light on the most universal of all human longings: our longing for home."
I'm not sure yet which book from the UBL I'll pick up next, but I'll make a decision in the next couple of days.

The weekend is upon us and I'm very, very ready for it.  I think tonight is going to be the first really cool night here - down in the 40s.  I'll see how cold it is in the house when I get up in the morning.  I raise tropical plants that really can't be all that cold.  Ever.  African violets stop growing when the temps are outside of the 65-85 degree range.  I push it every winter with the main furnace at 65 and the secondary (which includes the sunroom) sometimes a degree or two warmer.

And tonight is an exciting night.  I was out at lunchtime today, and Chicago is on fire with energy, tourists, and Cub paraphernalia everywhere you look.  :-)  We love our baseball in the Windy City - and we're lucky enough to have two teams.  There's plenty of rivalry between the two - but pretty much everyone seems to be very hopeful that this young Cubs team doesn't know that it's supposed to clutch in the post-season.

Maybe they can go all the way this year . . .  That would be pretty wonderful.

Even this American League fan has been singing the late Steve Goodman's Go Cubs Go all day. It's such a snappy tune it's hard not to sing along  :-)


Kristyn McCain said...

Since our Tigers failed to make the playoff again I am pulling for the Cubbies

A :-) said...

The Tigers pounded my White Sox for sure, though. I am very excited for the Cubs - particularly after last night's win. I really do hope they can go all the way this year. :-)