Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Sunday Wrap-up . . .

So, the next book that I decided to pound through I actually had to start again because I'd left it so long.  It's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

I purchased this book just after I'd divested a HUGE number of books - in fact, I got it on Kindle because I was afraid to bring another book in to the house  :-D  :-D

I suppose my own method isn't quite as extreme as the KonMari method - if you've followed my blog for any length of time, you already know that I'm pretty much the champion of letting stuff go - if you want to be reminded of one of my past efforts, just click The Great Cleanup of 2010 in the tags over on the right sidebar.  It's actually a bit disturbing that I still have stuff to get rid of . . . but I've just spent the past hour going through my armoire and lingerie chest, and there are at least three bags of stuff to go to the Second Chance Shop . . .

Most of that pile is T-shirts.  Some fit, some don't.  Some fit for 5 minutes decades ago . . . whatever.  I decided I'm never going to wear them and so they are going.

I do have a drawer in the bottom of the armoire for underwear and a few other things that don't currently fit but that I really like - I'm holding on to that stuff for awhile longer.

So I guess I'm not really following the author's directives to get every single piece of clothing in the house out on to the floor, but I am going through everything once again - and next I'm removing things from my closet that do not fit me at the present time.  That's most of my closet, I'm afraid.  But I've been feeling like shifting stuff around and letting more go is really what I need to do at the moment.  So I'm doing it. 

I guess that's why I decided to read this book at this time.  It's also a quick read, which means that I can likely finish it today and knock another of the in-process books off the Unfinished Book List.

In other news of the week, this morning I was watching CBS Sunday Morning and was thrilled that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg - more often referred to lately as the Notorious RBG - was on this morning!  Jane Pauley interviewed her, and it was great.  It's a 10-minute segment and well worth watching. 

Funnily enough - two things jumped out at me that have absolutely nothing to do with what an excellent judge she is.  They were far more personal.  First was the beautiful blue Egyptian lotus pillow in her office.  I had this same pillow for many years! 

Second was her mention of the one and only cookbook she used - The 60-Minute Chef.

Apparently she wasn't the best cook, but she said this book was her one and only.  It was one of my mom's favorites - and one of mine!  It's full of wonderful stories and recipes that take 60 minutes or less.  It's where I learned to bake a potato - but mostly I think I was captivated by the authors' stories of growing up in New York and the people who graced their families' tables.  But I did learn how to bake a mean potato in the bargain  ;-)

I snagged it from my mom and somehow over the years it was lost.  I looked for many years to find another copy.

Used copies are now available on Amazon.

Me and Notorious RBG - we've got some things in common!  I love that!


calicokitty6 said...

I still use my copy of Pillsbury's Kitchen Cookbook from 1982. I've tweaked some of the recipes to work better for my household dietary restrictions, but, it's still my go to book.

It's still available on Amazon. :)

candy said...

The biggest problem I need to deal with is my huge archive of family photos. I have my own, my mom's and my mother-in-law's. They need to be gone through and distributed to my two daughters. I just haven't lit the fire under my butt to do it.