Saturday, April 8, 2017

Decisions, Decisions . . .

I've finished off all my lingering projects except for two that are in hibernation.  That means that I need to cast on!  And I have no idea what I want to knit, so I decided to approach this problem by looking at my yarn and thinking about what yarn I might want to use . . .

I opened the Yarnoire, and these are the things that leaped out at me.
  • 350 Yards of Ewetopia Cashmere Sport in the Indigo colorway - Sport weight
  • 420 Yards of Dragonfly Djinni in the Wrigleyville colorway - Fingering weight
  • 250 Yards of The Cyborg's Craft Room Attack & DK in the We Will Rock Ewe colorway - DK weight
  • 265 Yards of Ewetopia BFL BFF in the Tapestry colorway - DK weight
  • Hearthside Fibers' The New Directions Infinity Scarf kit
I've been trying to figure out something for that Wrigleyville yarn for awhile - I bought for one of my cousins who is a major Cub fan but I haven't round the right manly pattern for him.  I wanted it to be a scarf or a hat.

All the others - I could go any direction with them.

I'm still in Todd Rundgren mode this morning . . .  :-)


Kimberlee Rudman said...

Have you thought about the sock head hat for the Wrigleyville yarn? I've never made one but we can all use hats in Chicago!

A :-) said...

No, I hadn't - I'm not sure a guy would wear it, though.