Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Setting Myself up for Success . . .

Kind of a wild story, all this kidney stone stuff, huh?  Many thanks for your messages of support  :-)  They mean a lot!

I spent a good part of my weekend working on my cupboards, fridge, and freezer.

I had a 29-year supply of tea - a lot of which was past its "best by" date.  I decided to pretty much let it all go.  There's no point to keeping it in the house when I know I won't be drinking it.

There were a lot of things that have a LOT of salt in them.  I also had a lot of other stuff that was also past its prime.  Often by five or six years . . .  three trash bags went out, and the bags in this photo will go to my cleaning lady if she wants them.  If she doesn't, I will take them to the local food pantry on Monday.

The cupboards are cleaned out, and cleaned up.

There are a few things that once they're gone I won't get again.  There's a lot of room in there now, because most of the stuff that you would keep in cabinets usually has a lot of salt in it.

That's my pantry cupboard.  The brown bags on the bottom are Irish whole wheat flour from King Arthur.  I got them to make Wheaten Bread, which is common in Northern Ireland and which is the best bread ever.  Although whole grains are higher in oxalate, I figure since I'm baking it myself, I should be able to have it once in awhile (particularly if I drink a glass of milk with it).  Besides which, that stuff was spendy  :-D  in the front is my 100% Whole Wheat pasta that I really like - believe it or not, I think I get to go back to regular pasta )although I can tell you that it doesn't taste nearly as good without salt . . .) again because the whole grain is higher in oxalate.

Here's my fridge.  Yes, I really do have an entire freezer shelf devoted to icing devices for multiple part of my body  :-D  I am, however, going to move them down to the bottom shelf!

I think this was a good way for me to really start getting things in order in my kitchen.  It's now imperative that I cook more.

It certainly didn't hurt to clean all this stuff out and wipe down all the shelves.  Kind of like a mini-spring cleaning  :-)  I think I'm ready!  If you have any low-sodium recipes that actually taste good, please share  :-D

Feeling the need for some true singers and amazing harmonies today . . .


Knittinggarden said...

Looks good! I follow Sodium Girl on Instagram, along with a few other healthy/whole 30-ish recipe sites. You can find some good ideas and low sodium recipes on her blog, or follow on Facebook or Instagram. Good luck!

Ely said...

What a clear out, both mentally and physically. Letting go as you travel down this path of success is sort of exciting, no? Oh, and quick note: I would get that flour into the freezer as it will remain fresher much longer. Especially since your tasty bread will be a sporadic treat! :) Whole wheat flours can go off.

A :-) said...

Thanks for that info Laurie! And Ely, that's good to know about the flour - it's still sealed, so hopefully that will help. I'll get it into the freezer, though :-)