Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Arizona, Take Off Your Rainbow Shades . . .

It was quite a weekend in Sedona, Arizona. The energy there is almost startling. It's not a soothing place. It has that wild river-rock / red rock thing going on - vaguely disturbing somehow . . . As beautiful as it is, I have to say that I'm happy to be home.

The trekking poles were SO worth every penny I spent on them - I hiked the Eagle's Nest trail in Red Rock State Park. That's the highest point in the park. It was a great hike and I did really well, for a city girl from an exceptionally flat city.

The retreat itself was great and I can't wait for Joan Anderson's new book to come out! So wonderful to see my Iona sisters, Tori and Cheryl again :-) Trip photos are still in the camera, but soon enough I'll have a few to share.

Last summer, when I knew that I was going to be going on this retreat, and that a number of my Iona sisters would be there, too, I started on a mission to make socks for them. I spent a lot of quality time last March, sitting by the fire in the dining room of the Argyll Hotel, quietly knitting my first pair of socks (there they are - Lana Grossa yarn, a basic sock pattern and two circular needles - I love them!). I enjoyed it so much that I spent a large part of the 2007 from late summer on, knitting socks for my Iona sisters who would be joining me in Sedona.

More soon :-)

p.s. points to anyone who gets the obscure song reference at the beginning of this point ;-D


Yarnsnob said...

Song called Arizona by Mark Lindsay?

A :-) said...

Points to you, Ms. Snob, but I'll bet you had to look it up ;-D