Thursday, April 3, 2008

Reading Deprivation

I made it until today.

I had to open my email this morning. JesusMaryandJoseph. 53 and 47 emails in my two accounts. How can that be??? I only read TWO and answered them - I deleted the crap, and without realizing it, 30 minutes was sucked out of my life. TWO emails. 30 minutes.

I just cannot believe how hard not reading is. All I have wanted to do, ever since Sunday is READ. I had to laugh at myself, because I haven't even been reading for pleasure all that much lately, but as soon as I couldn't, I was a woman possessed. There was no ban on writing, so technically I guess I could have posted here, but it was just easier to not turn the computer on at all . . . I confess to having to go into my email on Monday to get two phone numbers - you have NO earthly idea how hard it was to not open anything else, and that was only the second day :-S

Yesterday I went in to Borders and I bought THREE books. This was insane. I'm insane. Clearly. I mean, I have a "to read" shelf that is full (really full), but I was desperate for books. DESPERATE. I was reduced to judging them BY THEIR COVERS because I couldn't read the back because that would be reading for pleasure.

I realized early on that if I was to make it through the week at all, I would have to qualify this somehow - it was the week before the biggest event of the year at work, and so I decided that reading that was related to work would have to be allowed. I wrote a HUGE research report early in the week which entailed constant Web searches . . . again, it was torture to not just click a few times and be into Ravelry or read the news on

Knitterary - I spend most of my days at work writing, and in the past I never saw the benefit of this deprivation either - in fact, this is where I quit multiple times - but I learned something valuable this morning. The computer is a time suck. It's my worst time suck. I cannot believe how easy it is to fritter away an hour or two without even thinking. I'm not surprised I've often felt like I never had enough time to accomplish things.

So now - and from now on - there is a timer on my desk here at home. I'm going to limit myself on the computer. I did a lot of knitting (easy knitting without patterns), and even some mid-week spinning in the midst of working a LOT of hours this week. I think that's the point - time to do my art, whatever it is, and however it is, and in whatever form it asks to be done :-)

I've wanted more time to do other stuff - I have a better idea now of how to get it.

I'm going to do the best I can for the next couple days - I'm heading into this huge work event (I even bought new black tie clothes (so not me)) so that will help. I'll be too busy to miss reading. I'm really looking forward to Sunday and being home - I'm blocking out some time with the egg timer now :-D

p.s. sorry about no links in this post, but it's too dangerous to Web surf until Sunday when I won't feel like I'm breaking curfew or something ;-)


Anonymous said...

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

How ironic that the first "comment" to your first post since your self-imposed reading exile is SPAM. Ugh.

I, for one, am glad you're back! Yes, the computer - actually, the internet - is a huge time-hog. I justify it somewhat by the fact as a stay-at-home mom out in the country, it is my main contact with friends and like-minded souls. Without it, I would be very isolated indeed.