Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Sunday Afternoon

It's been an absolutely wonderful holiday here. I've taken a few days off around it and one of my Iona sisters is here visiting. We went to the Cirque du Soleil on Thursday, watched the fireworks at the country club from my backyard (Yay!) and have been enjoying a lot of time in my new gazebo. OMG - this project was so worth what it cost. It's my new summer home! Forgive the stain cans - I've moved them. :-)

Took a ride up to the Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin yesterday, which was the first day of the fair. Always a lot of fun, and we got free tickets at Borders. Even better! I got a beautiful henna tattoo from an Indian woman - she remembered me and our conversation about Bollywood from last year! I think she gave me an especially beautiful tattoo because I know who Shah Rukh Khan is and love Adnan Sami's music :-) I love getting a henna tattoo - it will last about 2 weeks.

Today will be spent relaxing and doing some knitting - and some teaching. My friend want's to learn to make the Montego Bay Scarf! I finished my first one awhile ago - here it is. Made with the yarn actually called for, Handmaiden Sea Silk. I loved working with it and will make another one to wear in the fall. This green one is the Spring colorway. Fall's scarf is the Paris colorway. Both purchased at The Loopy Ewe while I was there for Spring Fling. The fringe really makes this scarf. I'm not usually a fringe person, but braiding it really was the finishing touch.

Now that I figured out how to actually get photos uploaded again, I will post a few more finished objects shortly. I finally finished the second pair of Yukon Leaves socks - they languished since early May. I was right - Knifty Red's Cable Lagoon socks have started my sock mojo up again. They are not yet on the needles because I have one pair ahead of them, but I'm so anxious to knit them that I'm blasting through a simple pair of men's socks made with my favorite Opal self-striping yarn. Stay tuned, film at 11 :-D

Happy Fourth of July!


Yarnsnob said...

That's one great looking gazebo, is it big enough for a hammock?

A :-) said...

Yup ;-)

Kris said...


I can just imagine the awesome spinning nights.

Anonymous said...

I'm with kris, I can picture you out there with your wheel spinning at night :-) Enjoy!!!

Violiknit said...

What a phenomenal henna tatoo! Love that Montego Bay scarf as well; beautiful color! (p.s. I'm so sorry I haven't gotten around to the Meme you tagged me for - life has been a bit nuts...)