Thursday, July 31, 2008

This and That

Tomorrow my friend, Connie and I are heading out to Shipshewana, Indiana to go to the big Antique Market. Not looking for anything in particular, just going to check out the edge of Amish country and see what there might be at the Antique Market. It's true that I have a substantial collection of an American Art Pottery called Hull. It takes up a lot of space here Chez A, and I did pick up a couple of pieces last weekend in Wisconsin, but I need more pottery like I need more yarn. Need I say more?

So, we're going to go and have some fun and barter if something catches our eyes, hang out at the Inn and just generally have a good time. This is my last little weekend jaunt for the summer. I don't have any more days scheduled off until after Labor Day.

Can you believe that it's August tomorrow??? No, neither can I.

Here are my my first "boy" socks. They were for my friend's husband, and he tried them on and they fit. I think he likes them :-D These are made of my old standby, Opal self striping yarn. I was able to get the pair out of one skein. Great yardage in Opal.

In other fiber-related news - the Sanguine Gryphon Standing Stones is still on the wheel. I have spun one 4 oz. braid of it, and started on the second (of four). Slow going, but I'm getting some spinning in most every day, which will be good for me when I start spinning the yarn for the Iona sweater.

Here is my cousin and her husband. They came over a couple of weekends ago and helped me in the yard. Clearly they did most of the hard stuff. It's not that I don't know what to do - I do - but having asthma makes you just not want to be outside in the yard in this weather (it's really really hot/humid here in Chicagoland right now), plus, they are both Master Gardeners - which totally rocks. And it goes a LOT faster with three people instead of one. :-)


Kris said...

Can I be adapted? I've got tons of yard work that needs finishing;)

Nancy said...

Cool! I'd love to see your Hull collections sometime. In return, I'll show you my Fiestaware ;-).

I've never been to Shipshewana -- have fun (and let me know if there's any good Fiesta booths!).