Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kinda Crabby . . .

I planned all this week to go in to work today. I don't do this very often, but today was going to be my day to get a whole lot of stuff that's been languishing taken care of.

Am I at work? No.

At least I'm being somewhat productive at home, but really, how do our bodies know when we need a rest??? And when we don't listen, how irritating it is that they eventually MAKE us listen???

I don't think it's a cold, I think it's allergy/sinus gunk from the weather warming up again for a few days, and obviously from my sleeping with my mouth open all night last night (TMI? Sorry). Whatever - I had to pull out the big gun: Allegra (and ensure that all rest of my asthma meds that I can usually let slide a little are not sliding at all).

You know how you can just feel something coming on? How one moment you're fine, and the next, you know you're going down for the count? Happened about 4:50 yesterday, just as I was getting ready to leave the office to get home for trick or treaters (I got Snickers bars and I didn't even have ONE KID :-( ). I got that funny, "uh oh" feeling. Got home, had some dinner and stayed up as long as I could, but finally at about 8:30 I took in the Halloween metal pumpkin head that I put out on the porch, turned off the porch light, and curled up on the sofa, where I was instantly asleep.

Woke up to go to bed around 1 a.m., and woke up for real at my normal 4:45 a.m., with a brutal sore throat on just the right side. Managed to conk back out until 7:30, and I'm quite a bit better now, and no white patches, which is why it's likely allergy and not something really wrong, but it really threw a spanner in the works for my day's plans. I'm not great enough to haul myself down to the train station, ride for an hour, and then hoof it across the Loop to work for 7 hours and then travel in reverse to get home. And I'm too foggy to drive. Crabby. Crabby. Crabby.

Oh well - I've gotten some spinning done, some more rows on a Christmas sock, and I'm sorting the mountain of papers (clearly, I have turned in to my mother . . . ) that have accumulated in my office. I swear - they mate and make MORE paper.

According to Michelle over at Boulderneigh, November is National Knit a Sweater Month - NaKniSweMo. Apparently this was started by knitgrrl a couple of years ago, and now there's an actual "official" pattern for this year. However, I heard about it from Michelle, so this is all her fault ;-D

I don't want to start another sweater today - although there are plenty in my queue just waiting for me to get cracking. I have a sweater on the needles. No - I have TWO sweaters on the needles. So. I have decided that this will be NaFi(nish)SweMo for me - let's see if I can finish the St. Patrick by November 30th! This could be challenging - it's too big for train knitting, so it will likely only get worked on at home, or at places where I can spread out with the charts, etc. Wish me luck!

And wish me some good rest and a night of sleeping with my mouth closed ;-)


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Now how did you manage to "crash" a week to the day after I did? My husband and a friend have both suggested my GI ailment last weekend was stress-induced. I have argued that I wasn't feeling stressed and besides, I have never reacted to stress that way before. Who knows; I'm just glad I'm over it and I hope you soon will be, too.

As for NaKniSweMo, I didn't know who it came from and I'm glad, because I like the idea of knitting ANY sweater, not some "official" sweater. I swatched yesterday and am casting on for Brian's cardigan today. Wish me luck, because I'm "winging" it. My yarn is much bulkier than what is specified in the pattern and doesn't follow gauge, and the pattern only goes up to a child's size 4 anyway. I will likely feel WAY too smug if I actually end up with a garment that fits my son!

Knittinggarden said...

I like your idea of national finish a sweater month; I need to finish my Kauni. I'm at the point where I need to pick up and knit the neckline and button bands and I'm not really good at that.

Hope you feel better soon.