Monday, November 24, 2008

Time Compression

Wow - sorry - little blog break here. There has been no knitting to show - at least none that's finished. I think my hopes for NaFi(nish)SweMo are slim to none. I started another pair of socks for a cousin, and although I ripped out the failed Tannenbaum socks, I started another plain stockinette pair with some very festive holiday yarn, and I've also started the second of the Saxony Socks. So, there's just a lot of stuff that's "in progress." :-)

I did get the news today that the fiber that is destined to become my "Iona Sweater" left the mill this morning and is on its way to me!!! I have been hopping from foot to foot for weeks waiting for it, and now, it's finally on it's way!! It's a Corriedale fleece from Moonshadow Farm in Minnesota - I picked it up this summer at the Michigan Fiber Festival, and dropped it off, along with the Iona wool (picked up from the ground on my trip to Iona) with Ohio Valley Natural Fibers there at the Festival. And now, 3.8 pounds (finished weight) of Corriedale blended with Iona wool is on its way. I'd say it was winging its way, but I think it's coming in a postal truck, not a plane :-D So, lots of spinning in store for me this winter!!

I've been thinking alot about time compressing lately.

Yesterday I attended a memorial service for a minister who was at the church I attended during my high school years. He and his wife had a great impact on my life and also my mom's. We stayed in touch over the years - we rented a house from them at one point, and they visited us in Germany, and we visited them in California. And when I was living in Colorado, they steered me toward the church I attended there - their dear friend was the minister and they said I would like him and his wife and their church. They were right.

I think sometimes we have no idea of lives we touch and the effect we have on people. My friends from Colorado (the minister and wife that I would like) came to participate in the service, and I was so happy to see them, even though it was for a sad occasion. It was so good to hear the husband from the pulpit again, and his wife and I spent the entire luncheon catching up on their family and my other band of "Church Ladies." :-)

There were other people from the Park Ridge church there, and after the service, I learned of the recent death of someone a year behind me in high school - lung cancer. Not someone I had kept in touch with, but someone whose family had been important to me. He rang me out of the blue about 12 years ago, but we didn't stay in touch - and I had wondered if I would see him and his family at the memorial. I was shocked to learn that he had died.

So many places and people in our lives - so many experiences that would never have happened except for a person or a choice. Makes you think, doesn't it?

Even so - a day touched with sadness and yet filled with the great happiness and comfort of old friends.

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So sorry for your loss.