Monday, December 27, 2010

A Productive Day . . .


I spent this last day of holiday vacation accomplishing things here. All the additional Wollmeise yarn I got at Thanksgiving in the two updates is now photo'd and catalogued in my stash on Ravelry. Ditto for the awesome yarns I got from my swap partners in the 2010 Advent Swap. I got some wonderful yarns from my Swedish swap partner Asa, and some fiber, too! My other swap partner also got me some great stuff, including a yarn called Jewel Box, which is a chenille that I like very much. I'm a lucky girl!

Yesterday, I decided to see if I could knit one entire sock in one day. I'm happy to report that I can, indeed, do this :-D I don't plan on doing it very often, but at least I know I can. These will, eventually, be for my cousin, K who actually wears all the socks I knit her. She picked this yarn out of my stash - it's Araucania Ranco Multi. It is not superwash, so I have warned her - and in fact warned her before I started, that she would have to hand wash this pair. She says she's fine with that . . . cross your fingers. anyway - there's my sock-in-a-day :-D

So, all the miscellaneous yarn has been accounted for, and a boatload of magazines catalogued and filed, as well as the addition of some more books that have made their way to me, including a treasury of Scandinavian Knitting from my Swedish swap partner - it's so interesting and I hope I can make some of those Lovikka mittens with some of the yarns she sent me, too!

I even made a little progress on what's left of the Great Cleanup of 2010. It would be nice to have my guestroom back in some sort of shape - it's been a staging area long enough.

I ate way too much food in the past week . . . I will be paying for this for awhile, but it's all a process.

It's been a good holiday vacation - and tomorrow it's back to work!



Babben said...

Hi, what a funny project You'v been trying out - a sock in one day - WOW!
And thank You for the friendly comment in my blog :-)
I realy look forward to the knitting-year of 2011 can start!

Tempting said...

Thanks for the warm welcome to YOSS! I'm very excited to start out. We are going to have some beautiful socks this coming month. :) At a sock a day, you might have them much sooner than I will! Quite an accomplishment - very nicely done! :)

SusanB-knits said...

Very nice sock! wow! all in one day! The only way I can knit one sock in one day is if it is done in worsted weight and it is toddler size, lol.
I too now have my guest room back after a month of it being a staging area.
Can't wait to get started with YOSS. I have my yarn all ready.

A :-) said...

Thank you guys! I'm not going to be knitting any socks in one day during YOSS - at least I don't think I will :-D