Saturday, January 15, 2011

15:365 The Last Cactus

The last bloom of the season on the Christmas cactus that belonged to my mom. These blossoms do not last all that long, so I decided to seize the moment.

I spent a wonderful day today with my friend, Knifty Red. She's helping me create the handout for my knitting class, and today she came over to take some photos for it. She talked me into putting extra makeup on and trying for a new headshot. Unfortunately for her, I'm afraid, she learned that for whatever reason, I'm not an easy subject. Still, I'm quite sure if there is a good photo of my face to be taken, she'll be the one to take it, and it will be very good. She's talented like that :-)

We spent the day having moderately healthy snacks, taking photos, and knitting. It was the perfect way to spend a chilly Saturday.

I finished my St. Brigid's Carnamoyle Stockings! These are my first YOSS socks for the year! Yay! They are great, but the pattern was not particularly well put together. Still, with the help of Darthknitter, who shared her notes, quite a few people made these socks this month! The yarn is leftover Briar Rose Abundance. It was left over from my Abundant Hearts sweater and was perfect for these socks!

AND, I finished the mate to the sock-in-a-day that I did in December. Yay! These are for my cousin, K - she really loves my handknit socks :-) The yarn is Araucania Ranco Multi, and the pattern is just a plain vanilla sock. Nothing fancy :-) The yarn is actually more blue than it appears in the photo.

So - that's the day - it was lovely. And now, it's time to hit the proverbial hay :-)


Kris said...

Had a wonderful time yesterday. Thanks again for being a wonderful hostess!

Michelle said...

Your "knitting class"? I haven't heard of this; do tell!

A :-) said...

Michelle - I'm teaching at the Missouri fiber retreat!