Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Last Saturday in January

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments on my 365 Project photos. :-) I really appreciate them, and it's nice that you like seeing Chicago through my everyday eyes. The photos have been mostly Chicago so far - that's what I see a lot of every day.

Today it's a day of catch up - I made a list for myself yesterday - and I've managed to get quite a bit of it accomplished. Plus, I changed out all the burned out light bulbs in my hall lights, and finished a Church Lady Knitting lap robe. Yay! and it's not even 10 a.m. yet!

Last Saturday, I drove up to The Fold with my sister-in-law MJ. She is also a knitter. What a great time we had! The weather was a little wild - we saw 12 accidents on the tollway from O'Hare on - but we got there safe and sound. We met one of the ladies who works for MJ there, too - it's a horrible photo of me, but everyone else looks really nice. L to R, Jan, MJ and me. We all got some awesome stuff, and all the books were 30% off, which I can never resist . . . And lately, I can't resist the Socks That Rock yarn either. Since I didn't make it to the New Year's Day sale, I didn't feel too bad about shopping a little ;-)

Not all this is for me- I bought some for some gift knitting. But most of it's for me. And there are two skeins of Farmhouse - one mediumweight and one lightweight. And ever since I learned how to work with silk hankies, I've been wanting do to more of it . . . so there are three there . . . and one is Farmhouse. What's with me and the Farmhouse?! And some FiberOptic. A one-off color called Royale - you can't really see it in the bag, but the purple is electrifying. A couple of books and another set (i.e., 2) of Addi Turbo sock needles. And then we had lunch at Flatlander and it was great!!

I'm jealous of a friend of mine who is in Hawaii right now - and I'm watching the political upheaval in Egypt . . . For those of you worried that I might be caught up in it - don't worry. It's looking dim for us to leave next week and my trip will likely be postponed until later in the year.

And now - it's time for me to pull out my list and get cracking - there is still a lot to do this weekend!


Linda said...

It's awful that your trip will get postponed, but I feel quite sorry for the people of Egypt, too. All things considered, even if the tour was going next week, if I were in your shoes I would likely try to postpone it.

Michelle said...

Wonderful post - nice people, wonderful fiber goodies, lots accomplished - and a risky trip probably postponed. Those of us who love you are glad for all of the above. ;-)