Saturday, January 1, 2011

The 365 Project . . .

As mentioned not long ago, the content on this blog has been a bit thin lately. As also mentioned, that's about to change. I stumbled upon the 365 Project about a week ago, and knew immediately that it was something that I wanted to do in 2011.

For some reason, I feel that this year is going to be very important, and I'm going to chronicle it by taking part in the 365 Project. I will share the photos here, too - with and without comments - as much as I can.

After all that snow - a heat wave - this is 001_365.010111, i.e., the first of 365 photos, January 1, 2011. The rickety sundial in my backyard on what was a very chilly New Year's morning . . .

My friend, Knifty Red is also going to do this, so we are cheering each other on. It's a big challenge to think of taking at least one photo every day. Takes me back to my high school and college days - I studied photo in both, and for many, many years was never without a camera in my hand . . .so for me, it's back to the future :-)

I was behind the door when they were passing out fine artistic talent - I never had the eye/hand coordination to be able to see something and draw it. My creative talents lay elsewhere - I think that was why I took up photography. I realized that I could usually see the photo in the frame - so even if I couldn't draw it, I could shoot it. I'm already enjoying this project :-)

It was a nice day for me here today - I've mopped up the basement (yes, it was wet but it could have been MUCH worse than it was), managed a 20 minute walk on the treadmill (yay feet!!), and I've cast on for my January YOSS socks. I also changed out my DVD player - and can I just say how nice it is to put a DVD in the player and have it spin up on the first try? Wow!

Happy New Year, everyone. I wish for you all good things in this new 2011 year :-)


Kris said...

Whoo-Hoo!! Happy New Year Love!

Michelle said...

I am looking forward to more posts and photos!