Thursday, February 3, 2011

34:365 Snow Removal - Phase II

First the snow plows come through and create giant mountains of snow. Then the Bobcats and dump trucks come to get the giant mountains off the streets - it's so cold now that nothing is going to melt away. I think they dump the snow in the River - there's nowhere else for it to go in the City.


Linda said...

They don't dump it in the river anymore. They got fined for environmental violations for doing that. At the mayor's press conference today they said they had melters at strategic areas. And of course they have several melters at the airports!

candy t said...

I wish they would officially plow my street instead of sending a pickup truck that only plows the other side of the street. I have aa ocean of snow in front of and on the side of my car. It's not going anywhere yet. Lot more digging to do.

A :-) said...

Linda - that's for clarifying that there are melters :-) That makes sense with all the salt and ice melter that must be in the snow that they wouldn't dump it in the river anymore.