Saturday, February 19, 2011

50:365 Walking on Water

Today was one of those perfect days . . .

I love to visit my friend, Toni, up at her shop - The Fold. I have a new loom, and today I headed up to Marengo to get some weaving tools that I needed to be able to get started with it.

My friend, Kris came with me, which of course made the 2-hour drive much more fun :-)

The weather was good, both Kris and I were in great moods, and although we see each other fairly regularly on the train, we never run out of things to talk about - so we chattered all the way out to Marengo.

And just as I turned on the road to the shop - I saw these geese and pulled over and took the shot. :-)

When we got to the shop, no one else was there (!) If you are not from here, you wouldn't know this, but The Fold being empty on a Saturday morning just doesn't happen. It was a complete and total gift - Toni was able to help me without interruption get the right tools that I need for my new loom, and then, we got the chance to sit and catch up and knit together for an hour or more, which is something we both love to do - and it's just unheard of on a Saturday!

Kris busied herself with a photo shoot of one of her most recent finished objects and got some wonderful photos. The geese above were the only subjects I shot today - and I was thankful that I felt one of the pictures was acceptable for my 365 shot.

I got a couple of skeins of Socks that Rock (it calls to me lately . . . rather loudly, I'm afraid ;-D) and one of what seems to be heavy fingering or maybe even sport weight Opal. Can't seem to pass up a skein or two every time I go . . . And for the loom - I got a warping board, a shuttle and some bobbins and a bobbin winder, a Wolf Trap (a shelf for holding stuff on the Baby Wolf), a couple of hooks that are necessary tools and some leash sticks - I have no idea what for for any of them yet, but my friend, Amy gave me a list of tools that she said I would need - and she should know :-)

On our way home, we stopped at Woodfield for lunch at a wonderful Indian restaurant, The Gaylord. Their buffet is always worth the trip, although I am sorry I ate so much Naan bread with Mango chutney (it's a huge treat for me). I am rather full now :-D

Just a great, great day. :-)


Michelle said...

Sounds like you need to pop in a Ballywood DVD and dance along to burn off the naan! ;-)

Darth Knitter said...

What a great photo! I've got to come visit you so I can go to the Fold. :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice picture!