Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blue Skies . . .

Well, I got out there around noon. This is a view from inside my garage, looking back at the giant drift by my front door. You'll note that the sky is not blue (that's not the sky, it's my neighbors to the south - they painted it swimming-pool-blue. I don't know why . . . )

And this is the snow overhang - that's where the giant drift came from. You'll note the sky is not blue.

This is my snowblower and the first row I was able to clear. No, that's not the sky - it's the swimming-pool-blue house again.

And this, is my neighbor's snowblower (and my awesome neighbor!) That's still not the sky, and it's not my awesome neighbor's house - he and his family live to the north of me).

Doesn't even look like much, does it? It was a huge job - took an hour and half, and I could not have completed it without my awesome neighbor - his snowblower is industrial strength. I could not have cleared the porch drift, and I could not have cleared my street access because the plows have been by repeatedly, flinging more snow at the end of the driveway every time they pass. Check out that blue sky . . .

Snow overhang knocked down, porch cleared, driveway cleared and seriously salted - and hey, whattayaknow - the bluest of skies :-)

Oh - wait - you want to know about the snow goose, don't you?

Here he is - on his way to being liberated from the snow - a little battle scarred from his run-in with the industrial strength snowblower (nothing that can't be handled with some white-out or some paint ;-)), but really, none the worse for wear.

I let him keep some of the snow - a little reminder of the Blizzard of 2011.


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candy t said...

Awesome snow pics! I put some up on my blog. I measured 28 inches in one spot here in Hammond