Sunday, June 26, 2011


So - my friends Tammy, Christa and Karen are coming in August for Stitches, and Tammy is bring her friend Ginger. Everyone is staying at my house. I'm really looking forward to it :-)

I was reminded a few days ago that we had decided we all wanted to make the Shipwreck Shawl, a free pattern on, out of Wollmeise lace. I have to get 5,000 beads :-D And I have to decide which of my laces I'm going to use.

I got the blue lace (a "we're different" skein of My Old Blue Jeans) with the intent of the Shipwreck, but I pulled them all out in the sun today - the color representations are pretty good - and they all have their own allure. L to R, My Old Blue Jeans (WD), Granatapfel, Vamp (WD), Fliederbusch, and Spice Market. That photo will biggify substantially if you click on it. I think I might not wear the Vamp - but I would wear all the other colors. I'm trying to figure out which I would wear the most. Surprisingly I don't have any green lace - which of course I would probably wear.

Had I not pulled them all out today, I wouldn't be having this problem :-D I think it's between the My Old Blue Jeans and the Granatapfel. I've got to decide soon - I need to buy the beads, and since all the bead places near me have shut down, I'm going to go with eBay. I've had good luck there before for beads . . . blue or red? Should I try to trade for a green? What to do?!


Linda said...

I can't imagine knitting a shawl that uses so many beads. It sounds very heavy. Well, at least you know it will drape well! I say go for the pomegranate color. You love it so much, make it into an over-the-top shawl!

Amy said...

I was thinking the old blue jeans. I think it is very stormy ocean perfect for a shipwreck. Then I made the picture bigger and the other is just gorgeous too. Can you really go wrong with wollemise.

A :-) said...

Amy, that was my thought, too - the blue/water/shipwreck. But, now I'm really leaning now toward the Granatapfel. I think part of it is that I didn't find any great blue beads in my initial search on eBay, but found plenty that I would would be awesome with that deep red.

April said...

I vote for the blue also! I recommend the Beadwrangler for beads, I've bought different sizes of seed beads from there for lace knitting and been happy with them:

Michelle said...

If it were me, I'd use the blue, but it sounds like you would love it in green. So why not trade Vamp for a green you love? That is a majorly ambitious project, and I think you should love everything about it so you will get the most wearing pleasure from it.

Whatever you use, don't discount contrasting bead colors. If I knit it in Blue Jeans, I would use a mixture of bead colors that all evoke the sea - champagne and brown for shells, light blue and light grey for clouds, and greens and whites for the colors you see in the ocean. Oh, it will be stunning!

candy said...

I vote for the blue, since it represents the sea. Or trade for a green or blue-green!