Monday, July 4, 2011

185:365 Tour de Fleece

Every year there is a group of people who spin during the Tour de France - I think I've mentioned this before :-D

This is my first skein of yarn for TdeF this year. It's Miss Babs' 100% Blue-Faced Leicester in the Forest Afternoon colorway. It's still drying out on the hammock on the deck so I don't know the yardage - but this is a pretty good-sized skein. It's worsted weight, 2-ply.

It was one of my goals for Tour de Fleece to finish a bunch of spinning that I had started and not completed. I have one more 4 oz. bump of fiber to do of this colorway. And I have one skein that I already spun, hence needing to finish it all up :-) Not sure what I'll make with it - probably a hat/scarf/mitts combo of some sort.

Spun on my first wheel - it remains my favorite :-) - my folding Lendrum.

Happy 4th of July!! :-)


Michelle said...

Very pretty! All these people with finished yarn already; I trudge along on singles....

Fujiyamamama said...

Very nice! I love blue faced Leicester, it has such a nice feel.