Sunday, July 31, 2011

204:365 No Name . . .

I found it at the Home Depot. Thought there might be a chance of identifying it because it's from Canada and it's so unique, but no luck. I'm surprised I'm going to give it shelf space since I can't show it, but sometimes you have have to go for beauty over function. :-)


Anonymous said...

Just curious -- I know nothing about African Violets -- why can't you show it?


A :-) said...

Hi Laine - to be in a judged, AVSA (African Violet Society of America) show, a plant must be a "named" variety. That means someone hybridized it and grew it out through three generations to make sure its blossom color and foliage were stable. Then they named it and gave it a specific description for both blossom and foliage. Some plants are then registered with the AVSA, some are not. Both registered and non-registered can be shown, as long as they are properly identified.

Hope that helps :-) Great question!