Sunday, July 17, 2011

197:365 Destined for the Frog Pond

Pretty enough . . . The famous "Monkey Socks." Thousands of people have knit this pattern, so it must fit a whole lot of people . . . I tried everything, but they do not fit, so they are destined to be frogged (ripped out).

I only made the one, but I could not modify it to fit properly - this doesn't happen very often (thankfully).

Here's me attempting to haul it over my heel and instep - it's stretched as far as it can stretch . . .

And here it is on my foot - tight as can be on the calf, and bunched up and loose in the foot. Completely unwearable. Oh well. The yarn is Socks That Rock medium weight in the Mist colorway - a gift to me from Linda the Chicken Lady. I'm going to make some other socks with it. The color is truest in the first photo.

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