Monday, October 10, 2011

Flying . . .

That's how it feels lately.  Once again, I over-booked myself in September and October.  I seem to do this every fall.  Next year I want to pay better attention, because I am completely off any schedule I might have had in place.  It's been weeks since I walked in the a.m., and that's mainly because I'm just too pooped to pop. Witness me sitting here, writing when I should be walking . . . I was up until 11 last night (I usually go to bed at 9) and I didn't get enough sleep.

I'm wishing I was headed to Iona this week with Joan Anderson.  But I'm not. 

I'm wishing I was 40 pounds thinner.  But I'm not.

I'm wishing - and you know what they say:  "If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride."

The older I get, the more I find that I need to build in recovery time for myself when I travel, and the two back-to-back trips involving airports really did me in, and I've been running ever since.  I didn't have the luxury of a day off after each trip so it's been a month of catch-up.

I finally made it to the Jewel yesterday.  I've been needing to go since the last week in September . . . that means I've been eating a lot of take out and snacky sorts of food, which is never a good thing for me.

I've judged two African violet shows in two weekends and will judge another on Saturday.  It's crazy!  But I added some very nice plants to my collection.  Speaking of which, I spent prettty much an entire day yesterday putting leaves down and potting up babies. 

When the plantlets are ready to be separated, that's when the work really starts.  Over the weekend I bought a bale of Promix BX.  This yielded about 18 2.5 gallon bags of potting mix.  That's like a 29-year supply (I've offered to split it with another violet friend).  I currently am hovering around 147 varieties.  Most of those are in the propagation stage, but will be hitting the potting up stage in the coming months.

I'm going to be talking to the Windy City Indoor Gardeners again in February 2012 and am looking forward to it!

And now, here are the catchup photos - I've switched over to using the HTML code from Flickr rather than uploading from my computer - hopefully that will alleviate the line issues.  You should still be able to click to biggify, although it now takes you Flickr. 

I recommend you do click, because one of the drawbacks of this way is that the photos get cropped somehow . . . so click for the full view.  These are also in the wrong order, but I'm out of time now and changing text and photos around in Blogger is never very much fun . . .

I've been fascinated by the fall colors - because we had a lot of rain this year, they have been spectacular spectacular!

270:365  To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn . . .

270_365.092711  I live in the woods and these trees are outside my front door.

272:365  Last Light

272_365.092911These are the trees behind my house, in the last lgith of the day.  they don't turn red - only yellow gold.

273:365  Promise

273_365.093011I was at Midway airport - this was taken through the glass. I know it's not a great photo but I can never resist the promise of a rainbow.

274:365  All Aboard!

274_365.100111The train was on it's way. Taken at the Lauritzen Botanical Garden in Omaha. I was there to speak at the Missouri Valley African Violet Council's fall convention and show. I was also a show judge. There is a wonderful, extensive model railroad in one area of the park.

275:365  Times Past . . .

275_365.100211On the garden wall of the Victorian Garden at the Lauritzen Botanical Garden in Omaha. Isn't she beautiful? :-)

276:365  Another Season

276_365.100311This is part of the other side of the Chagall mosaic in Chase Tower Plaza. The first photo I took was on 28 July. This photo is of a portion of the East side. I was over on that side of the Loop today and I can never resist a stop at the Chagall if I have a little bit of time :-)

277:365  On Fire

277_365.100411The tree in front of my neighbor's house. Half of it is still green - this is the other half!

278:365  I Never Tire of This . . .

278_365.100511The fall foliage on my own block is more spectacular this year than in years past. I just never get tired of seeing it, and taking photos of it. :-)

279:365  Gum!

279_365.100611The beautiful Wrigley Building - this is a much more traditional view than the one I took in July.

280:365  Coming in for a Landing

280_365.100711One of the gardens on South Michigan Avenue. I love the colors and, of course, I love birds :-)

281:365  Black & White

281_365.100811Thought I would try one - manipulated in Photoshop because this was a color shot. I didn't like how the berries looked in color, but I like them here. I also like the play between light and dark, and how if you kind of squint/unfocus your eyes it looks so abstract.

282:365  Pumpkin-O-Rama

282_365.100911A whole cartload at the local nursery - I stopped there this morning to get some perlite.


Darth Knitter said...

We should convert your blog to WordPress. I'd be glad to help. :-)

A :-) said...

I can't get my same url there - I already tried. Mostly I don't mind Blogger :-)

candy said...

I love your pictures, all of them, and the trees. I think I will be referring to your Chicago pictures when hubby and I go up to see the sights.

A :-) said...

Candy - send him a link to the blog or to my 365 project so he can see the photos before he gets here!