Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Home Stretch

So - one of you told me what's new :-) that's better than no one ;-D

Last weekend, I spent the entire weekend in my jams. I was completely, and utterly exhausted, and even though it was beautiful outside, I stuck with my plan. It was wonderful!

I'm on the home stretch of my 365 Project. It was about this time last year that I inadvertently discovered the 365 Project on a blog I happened to stumble upon. This last month has been particularly challenging. I forgot to take photos on, I think about three days. Sometimes you get to the end of the day and you've not had the camera out at all . . . I would think of it fleetingly - "oh, I need to take a photo today - let me go do that . . . " and then that thought would be gone and I would be in bed . . .

Someone asked me if I would continue. No, I won't. I'll always take photos, but I won't be actively taking them every day. Still - I have documented 2011, and I'm pretty excited about that! I'm going to make a photo book in January :-)

In the mean time, here is the latest round of catch up - Please click to see the entire shots - I don't know why they get cut off:

301:365 Last Hurrah

My neighbor's tree again. I didn't think it could get any more red. I was wrong.

300:365 The Bean!

Its official name is "Cloud Gate." It was created by Anish Kapoor, and it lives at Millenium Park. It was built from 2004 - 2006, and although it looks seamless, it is not. It is made up of 168 stainless steel plates that were welded together and polished so much that it appears to be just a big drop of mercury.

No one calls it anything but "the Bean," much to the chagrin of the artist, I believe :-D When you walk underneath it, it's like being in a fun house - it's concave underneath!

299:365 A Tree Grows on LaSalle Street

A very gnarled trunk on what is actually a very young tree.

298:365 Mag Mile

North Michigan Avenue is often called "The Magnificent Mile." It begins once you cross the river. You see the tender houses at the Michigan Avenue Bridge - this where the old Fort Dearborn was located - the true beginnings of this amazing city. Then, The Wrigley Building (the white one) is at the beginning, and it's one fabulous building and one famous retailer after another, all the way up to Oak Street. From 400 North to 1000 North.

I like this photo because you can see more than you realize - it's just a glimpse of the Avenue, but you can see the John Hancock Building. It's the black one on the right with the two antennas. It's at 875 North, and it's massively taller than the Wrigley Building, which give you an idea of the perspective of this shot. Also visible, is the Allerton Hotel. It's the short, dark building toward the center of the photo, it's at 701 North.

297:365 Early Morning Light

I'm using this photo for today - it was actually taken on the 25th. I've really had a hard time this month with missing days. All my travels and burning the candle at both ends caught up with me big time - and there have been multiple nights just this week where I was so tired that I just fell asleep without having taken even one shot.

This is at the end of my block, in the early morning light.

296:365 Fiber Artist at Work . . .

A huge mess in the sunroom . . . knitting all over, needles everywhere, and a cookbook or two thrown in for good measure. Welcome to my world :-D

295:365 Curly Kale

I managed to fall asleep today without having taken a photo. Again. :-S This photo was taken on October 18th - and I really liked it. It's one of the planter boxes in front of the Thompson Center, newly planted for fall. Gardeners seem to always use ornamental kale at this time of year - I see it everywhere!

294:365 Blue as Can Be . . .

And after yesterday's harbinger of winter days to come, today's brilliant, cloudless autumn sky :-) the top of the Randolph Tower is just there for contrast ;-)

The Randolph Tower was formerly known at the Steuben Club Building (through WWII). In 1948 it changed to the Randolph Tower. It was built in 1929 in the Gothic Revival style and was designed by Karl Vitzhum. It's been closed and under renovation for years. Everything stopped a few years ago - but the renovation appears to be continuing now. It was originally retail stores, professional offices and recreational and social club space on the upper floors. It's slated for the latest craze here, "mixed-use residential development."

293:365 Winter is Coming . . .

I think Chicago is beautiful, even on a gray, blustery, chilly day. The Lake reflects that grey sky in its waters. On a day like today, everything is muted. There's Ceres again, on the top of the Chicago Board of Trade. The smaller, tan, triangular building is the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center. Often referred to as the Federal Prison, it's an administrative building where prisoners/offenders of all security levels are held when they have to appear before the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

That two-tone building over to the left is the back of the Conrad Hilton. Now it's just called Hilton Chicago. It's on South Michigan Avenue.

This view is looking Southeast from the AT&T Building.

You can see the steel mills across the Lake - in Indiana. Although grey, it was clear :-)

292:365 Fleecy Pumpkin

This little pumpkin is my fall decoration at work. It sits on my ledge. A lady was selling them last year to raise money for a charity - I can't remember which one. Her sister made them. It's orange fleece, some ribbon and some fake ivy leaves. And I love it :-D

291:365 I'm Ready to Go Home

This is the giant that transports me daily to and from the city. Down in the main station - Millenium Station (AKA Randolph Street Station) - underground, waiting for the doors to open.

290:365 The Loaner

My own hammer dulcimer is on its way to me. This is the loaner that is currently sitting in my sunroom :-)


Michelle said...

When you asked, there wasn't much if anything "new" - but now there is! Yesterday I got to be home alone and on top of the cooking and cleaning I needed to do, I sat down with computer (with YouTube video), my miniSpinner and my Water Lilies singles and learned to Navajo-ply - or at least got a good start under my belt. Then I cast on for "Duck" (on and Ravelry) for my nephew-in-the-oven, and am learning some new techniques and knitting at a finer gauge than ever before. Got to ride my horse, too. In other words, it was a GREAT day....

A :-) said...

Sounds like it was spectacular! :-)