Monday, October 17, 2011

What's New?

How many times has someone asked you that, and you said, "nothing." If you find yourself saying that, then it might be time to change your point of view :-) To paraphrase Dr. Wayne Dyer, "When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change." How cool is that?! :-) Way - and very, very true.

The season is now changing pretty dramatically all around me here in Chicagoland. It's in the high 40's this morning. I've worn a light jacket most mornings for the past week, but the high went up into the 70's. Not so much any longer. And so the world around me appears changed . . . new :-) And I'm thinking about the new winter coat I got this summer (on sale!). It will be time to put it on pretty shortly I think.

It's been my experience that the warm weather holds until about this time every year. No hard frost yet, but I imagine one is on the way. I will be happy for it to arrive because I have asthma, and the past two weeks have been a little challenging on the breathing front. Once there is a freeze, stuff usually calms down in that respect.

What's new?

Well, there is a hammer dulcimer in my sunroom. It's not mine - it's a loaner until mine arrives. I'm learning to play a new instrument, and I can hardly tell you how excited I am!!!!


There is a Dusty Strings dulcimer that will be on it's way for me shortly. It's likely that it will be built especially for me (again, how cool is that?!) because I preferred that the soundboard be stained black - easier for . . . um . . . mature eyes to see all the strings that way ;-D

And, as has happened many times before for me, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. This time, it's Ted Yoder. That dulcimer he's holding? Mine will look like that, but black :-) Do you want to hear some dulcimer like you've never heard before? Click on the bottom of that page and click the forward arrow until you see All Creatures of Our God and King. Click Play and prepare to be amazed. I would lay money that it's unlike anything you have ever heard before. Go on, CLICK. Trust me :-)

Yes - my heart is racing. Creating with my hands is such a huge part of who I am (Hey! No butt jokes, thank you!). Fiber art or music - a wheel, knitting needles, or an instrument - all are extensions of my hands, and I cannot wait until I'm able to string even a simple melody together. No idea if I will ever be even half as good as my teacher, but I can visual myself playing, and that's often the hardest part (of anything).

It is my hope that this will be like the guitar was for me when I was younger - an automatic fit. The kind of fit where your fingers just know what to play and when. Where you can play and sing at the same time - or not, as you choose :-) Of all the instruments I have played over the years of my life, the guitar was probably my best, and I haven't played it seriously for decades . . .

The sunroom really looks like a studio now - as usual, there is yarn all over the place, and baskets full of fiber, the Baby Wolf, and a loaner dulcimer.

So, I challenge you this week to look at the world around you with new eyes. Change your point of view. There is something new - there is always something new!

289:365 After the Rain, After the Wind

The pile of wet leaves on my driveway. This was taken on October 14th - today was a day that was mostly all driving all the time (to Indiana to meet Ted Yoder and his lovely family!), and by the time I got home, I managed to crawl into bed without having taken a photo.

288:365 Mac's Elegant Emerald

It's not one of my plants (although I am currently growing it). I was judging an African violet show (my third in as many weeks!). It's a semi-miniature with a ton of blossoms!

287:365 The Sign Guy

This guy stands on various street corners in the city. He's been doing this for years. His signs have changed over the years, and usually he's only been on a hunger strike for a day (he changes the date on his signs regularly). I see him on the Northwest corner of Randolph and Clark, at the Thompson Center. This is the most casual I have ever seen him look. If you want to read about him - this, from Wiki.

286:365 Lawyers in the Rain

One of the last warm days . . . on the way to work, corner of Dearborn and Randolph.

285:365 Floors 2 - 20, Going Up!

Managed to snap this before security shooed me away and advised, "No Photos in the Lobby!!" This is in the lobby of the Unitrin Building, formerly known as the Kemper Building and before that, the United Insurance Building, at the corner of State and Wacker. It was built in the 1960-1962. Kinda reminds me of Mad Men. Don't forget to get your coffee and bagel on the way!

284:365 State Street . . .

. . .that Great Street. It's not so great as it used to be, with Marshall Field's now renamed and junked up, and Carson's gone, there is no real reason to come downtown to shop anymore. This was on the way to work, corner of Randolph and State, looking south.

Thanks, everyone, for your wonderful comments on my last post :-)

Go now - look at things with new eyes this week - and come back and tell me what's new :-)


Michelle said...

I have loved hammered dulcimer since my honeymoon, over 27 years ago! I clicked on the link for Ted Yoder's page when I read that far - and then clicked on the play button - before I read further. I really liked the first song that played, "Wind on the Water." "All Creatures is playing now. :-)

I have a mountain dulcimer that I like but haven't found the time to mess with much since we bought it in Branson, MO. Homeschooling Brian sucks up all my energy and creativity, it seems (although I still work on fiber craft, sometimes like a fiend).

A :-) said...

Isn't he awesome? I downloaded all his music from iTunes :-)

My creativity goes in cycles - knitting is usually pretty constant, but everything else rotates in and out and back in to the lineup :-)

Amy said...

Here is another thing you and I have in common. If I was ever going to play an instrument it would be the hammered dulcimer. I love it. I am going to download his Christmas music at least and probably one other because I like writing to music like this it is so inspirational. Let me know how it goes, maybe I'll get one next year, but just don't ask me to sing.

A :-) said...

Amy - why does this not surprise me? :-) When you're ready, we'll take a road trip to Indiana.

candy said...

I love your photos! Wet streets---one of my favorites. The wet leaves! I admire you & friends with musical talent and skills in the fiber arts. I think I have a tin ear and I'm all thumbs there. What's new? I always try to find something positive to say.

candy said...

I just listened to Ted Yoder. Great music!