Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tea after 7 p.m.

I made myself one of my favorite dinners this evening:  shrimp, whole wheat pasta, broccoli, and garlic, with some olive oil, some butter and the juice of half a fresh lemon.  YUM, moderately healthy, and well worth the PointsPlus  :-)

And then, I was thinking how most people like to have a cup of coffee after dinner.  Well, I don't drink coffee, and although I do know better, I decided to have a cup of tea.  When you are pretty nearly caffeine-free, having tea after about 6:30 in the evening is a poor idea.  And silly me - I've done it at least three nights this week.  :-S

I am really, really tired because I didn't sleep enough this week . . . and here I sit, wide awake after midnight . . .

Goofball . . .


I had two takers on my Pay it Forward Challenge.  I'm not sure what that means . . . that only two bloggers read my blog?  That only two people read my blog?  :-D  Whatever it means, Michelle and Candy, I'm looking forward to making something for each of you and I'm glad you're spreading the challenge on your blogs! 

Since I left the post up for a week with only two takers, I have decided to close it down, and for the third item, I'm going to knit a Mother Bear for the Mother Bear Project.

I was up about 3.4 pounds last week (yes, these big jumps are unnerving, aren't they?), and then down again this week 1.8.  So, now that I don't have a lot of events, etc. to think about, I think my focus will be back on shrinkage.  With a vengeance.

I did speak to my trainer, and we are agreed that my next goal seems quite do-able.  :-)  Yay!

My blood pressure continues to drop.  It was 106/60 on Tuesday the 1st.  Yay Me!  I am back to the point of having to pay attention, though, when going from a prone to an upright position.  Because I'm relatively tall and my BP is now what many would consider low, the chances of my leaping up and subsequently falling over are real.  And yes, I have done that before, more than once, but not for quite some time. 

In the realm of knitting, I have a sweater on the needles that I've been working on pretty steadily.  It's called Vodka Lemonade.  I'm liking it.  I hope it fits me  :-)  I have a short jacket that seems to hit me in a pretty good place, and I'm going to measure it so I can get a similar length on the sweater.

And this weekend is pretty much my own.

I'm a happy gal!

And - finally - quite possibly a sleepy gal  :-)


Michelle said...

I think it means a lot of people are like me - not sure if they can make something that someone else would want, and/or are worried about making a commitment of time when they are strapped for it.

All my teas are decaf or herbal; methinks you need to find some of those you like!

candy said...

TY and I'm pretty sure you are the only person reading my blog, but I will be more than happy to make something for each of my daughters and tell them to pay it forward.

Linda M said...

I read your blog but I don't maintain one of my own so didn't feel right playing. It is a lovely idea and I endorse the Mother Bear plan!

A :-) said...

Linda - glad you're still here :-)