Monday, May 28, 2012

Too Much . . .

Before I get started, just a shout out to all our men and women who serve in our armed forces all over the globe.  Thank you  :-)

Over on the Year of Stash Socks board on Ravelry, we've been having a "finish it up" challenge over this Memorial Day Weekend.

It's the last day to finish up what we can for this challenge, and boy, have I learned a lesson.  I'm much better as a more serial knitter.  I do not like having all these WIPs.  It's hard to come back to something long after the fact and finish it.  I'm going to be finishing or frogging a lot of stuff in the coming months.  This goes along with some other work I'm doing with Julia Cameron's book, Finding Water. I have decided that it's not best for me to have more than 3 WIPs at any one time.  That's how I used to operate, and I've gotten carried away. 

For the challenge, I had six things I put in my list because I "didn't know what I'd feel like working on."  Hmmmmm, there's a clue right there . . .

1)  My Augusta Cardigan.  I took it with me yesterday to a "crafternoon" with a bunch of my friends, most of whom are very good knitters.  The general consensus is that I have to either detach and frog the sleeves, or detach and narrow the back at the shoulders.  I'm smaller since I started this sweater - this is what comes of not finishing stuff - and now it's actually too big for me.  I made it as a jacket rather than a close-to-the-body-cardigan, but still, it's too big, and even though I planned to roll the cuffs, the sleeves are really too long . . . Of course my finish work is such that I can't even find the yarn to cut to detach anything  :-(   I don't know what I'm going to do here . . .  there's a huge piece of me that feels like I should just bag this as a hard lesson learned.

2) The Moroccan Backpack.  Oh.  All things Moroccan fascinate me, and when this pattern came up in an Interweave publication, I jumped on it.  I was relentless in the knitting of it.  I did nothing else for the couple of weeks it took for me to finish it.  Unfortunately, it didn't felt like the photo, and I ended up with more a messenger bag than a back pack.  And, also unfortunately, it biased when it felted.  I've held it in reserve for more than year, thinking that I was going to make an actual messenger bag out of it.  The choice is to finish it or toss it as a lesson learned.  I'm making my decision today . . .  :-(  Who am I kidding?  This one's going out . . .

3)  Vodka Lemonade.  My current sweater in progress.  It will not be finished this weekend, although I did work on a sleeve yesterday.  It will be finished, however, and soon.

4)  A felted lunchbox.  First I couldn't find the pattern, but I found it, and once again, I've let this sit so long that I'm going to have to do some frogging before I can actually finish it.   It's on the docket for some work today.  I would really like to finish it.

5)  Mulled Wine Socks. No progress here - these have been lingering since October.  They will be finished.

6)  Some gift knitting that is stranded colorwork . . .  too much twisting and then having to untwist the yarns.  If these weren't a special gift, there's no way I would continue . . .

7) Finish spinning some wool that I started two years ago.  Well, YAY ME!  I managed to do this yesterday!  :-)

8)  The Sofa of Doom.  You know, this has been on my list of goals again since January.  I made serious progress here on Friday night and have high hopes for today  :-)


I have a sort of list of the unfinished objects (UFOs) or, if you prefer, works in progress (WIPs) over on the sidebar.  I have just updated it.  ====:-O   I'm going to have to work these down.  I must, or lose my sanity, I think.  As mentioned previously here on this blog, I am overwhelmed in too many areas.  It's time to get some things accomplished. and off my plate so that I feel like I have a little more control over things.

In other news of the day, a second loom may be on its way to me!  A dear friend found a loom in the effects of someone in his family, and he said, "A, do you know anyone who weaves?"  :-D  Um . . . me.  He's shipping it here.  I have no idea what kind it is, or even if it's all together, but I know plenty of people who can help me when it arrives.


candy said...

Is your sofa a "hot spot"? Mine was the kitchen table, the table next to the chair, my desk and my bed. I am working hard to de-clutter and keep up with stuff. I like the flylady method. lol that sounds weird, but her nickname is flylady. So far I have eliminated 3 of the 4 hot spots.

A :-) said...

I looked her up on YouTube! Yes, the sofa and my kitchen bar are definite hotspots for me :-)