Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's Summer

Good news!  I have both my feet back.  My second x-ray was clear, so the doc said I didn't need The Shoe anymore.  I can start walking again, which is great because two weeks of enforced inactivity was not best for me.  I didn't go to WW because I wasn't supposed to walk any extra than getting to and from work.  And let's be real - I was feeling sorry for myself . . . poor food choices were made.  But they are in the past and I am moving forward.

I have to take it slow - I had to cut back to half of what I was doing before.  Since I was anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes, the doc said to cut back to 20 and start there and I can build back up as long as it doesn't hurt  :-)  Yay!

More good news - the brutal heat wave broke last Sunday. It's been back up into the 90s this week, but it's amazing the difference even 10 degrees makes.

In weird news:  My house is out of control.

For someone who takes stuff to the Second Chance Shop as much as I do, it never ceases to amaze me how much crap I still have . . .

My kitchen and sunroom have been close to horrifying in the past month  . . .  Here's the kitchen earlier this week:


That's the new loom down on the floor - its stand is over in the other half of the kitchen (next to the paper bag).

Kitchen 02

It certainly is looking better today, but there is still far to go - I'll have more photos later in the week.

Last night my cousin, ME, came over to help me in the basement.  I had a 29-year supply of boxes and crap down there in the one section that has possibilities for being functional. 

I put two photos together so the angle is very off, but you can get an idea:


If I can get this space into some sort of order I'm thinking of finishing it somehow - maybe like a log cabin  :-D   Seriously.  The fireplace has that weird weeping morter and the previous owner painted it white . . . I think I could fix that.  I found a place in Michigan called Rustic Rails that does interior log siding, and beam wraps - the question is do I create an actual wall and door, or do I just leave it open like it is.  I'm leaning toward leaving it open.  The ceiling is rather low (it's a basement after all), but I think there are possibilities to have the looms down here.  Soon.  ME thought it might be a little damp - there were water issues in the past - but it's usually pretty dry now. 

Just something to think about for the future  :-)

But I do need to get stuff out of the sunroom and kitchen.  My sunroom in particular is no longer a serene sanctuary for me.  There's too much stuff in there, so I'm going to figure something out in the next couple of weeks.

All About African Violets is going pretty well - heading into Episode 3 this week.  :-)

Anyone else watch and love Heartland as much as I do? :-)  I think I might want to move to Alberta Canada  :-D

And I can't stop listening to Maroon 5's Payphone song (that links to the clean version).I'd put the video here, but somehow it's not working.



Michelle said...

You need to find a non-caloric feel-good tonic for those times when you feel sorry for yourself, woman! I know, you don't NEED more stash, or violets or whatever. How about helping others somehow? My mom always told me that the surest way out of depression was doing things for others. I'm still working on implementing that as well as I should, but this morning for church some short-term missionaries with Asian Aid ( gave a moving presentation. My sponsored child through Compassion International has "aged out," so I'm going to sponsor one through Asian Aid.

Kristyn said...

Great news on the foot. I know it will be hard but don't push yourself to hard - you don't want to hurt yourself again.

candy said...

Your basement idea is interesting