Sunday, February 17, 2013

48:365 Heddles and Rust . . .


An older (more than 50 years), neglected, 2-harness table loom arrived at my house yesterday.  I have no idea if it can be cleaned up and put to rights yet . . . but the challenge is there.  :-)  Not a particularly interesting photo, I'm sure, to anyone but me  :-)
For someone who doesn't weave very well yet, this is my THIRD loom. I am asking around to a few people I know who are knowledgeable in this area, and I have also posted it on Ravelry to see if anyone can identify it. This one belonged to my cousin’s husband’s late mom. I believe it to be circa the late 1950s based on the pattern book that was with it (a Lily book for 2-harness looms with a copyright of 1960).
It’s sweet - and very lightweight. There is no maker mark anywhere that I have found. It’s filthy and has some mildew on it, many of the screws/bolts are rusted, and as you can see from the photos below, it’s not currently in good working order. It’s 20” wide, 19” long, 16” tall. It’s possible that it might have been a kit of some sort.
Any ideas, anyone? And any ideas about cleaning it up? I know it’s not likely to be any great shakes, but even if I just clean it up to have in the living room, it would be nice to make it at least look happy again :-)
Here are some more photos, and here is a link to the full Flickr set, if you are interested.

Full view:

Lily_Full Virew 01

Heddles and bent/out of kilter heddle bars:

Lily_Back 02

From the back:

Lily_Full Virew 03

Another view from the back (and yeah, that's the Louet Kombo in the background :-D:

Lily_Full Virew 02

Harnesses and heddles from the back:

Lily_Back 01

Any ideas, anyone?

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